Hair dilemma!

EDIT HAHAHA Kharizma has already offered to come over Wednesday and bleach my hair. /EDIT Alright. I have a box of bleach sitting in my bathroom closet. Every time I look at it I want to grab it and bleach my hair… I’m even starting to have dreams about it now. Seriously last night I dreamt that I bleached my hair and dyed it pink. It was so real I was upset and a little teary eyed when I woke up and realized my hair was still the same. So here’s my issue. At this point I seriously don’t know what effects my skin anymore. Sometimes things that have bothered me don’t irritate my skin, sometimes things I’ve used for ages without issue make me break out. :( So while I’m desperate to bleach and dye my hair[1. seriously I don’t know if you can understand but it’s this overwhelming need to do it so I can be me, who I’m supposed to be. Ugh. It makes me teary eyed just thinking about it. I don’t feel comfortable in my own skin. I don’t feel normal. I want that feeling back, and I feel that way with pink hair.] I’m also a little afraid, because I don’t know if it will cause my scalp to break out or not. :( It’s been over a year since I’ve used anything but temporary dye in my hair.

If I do it. I’ll wait until I can get some Cupcake Pink dye and mixer/toner from Morgana. But like seriously, Kharizma if I do this can you um come over and sit with me and take me to the ER if necessary[2. yes I am actually kind of worried it could cause serious pain. Kai even told me if I do it to make sure Kharizma is here so I don’t die. haha And yes it is sad that I’m a little worried hair dye might hurt me… ] and you know make sure the bleach doesn’t kill me? Also can you help me with my roots in the future? Because I’ve never been able to just dye my roots. t.t

So here’s where you come in? What the hell do I do? Kai said to do what made me happy, which would be bleaching my hair. haha Knowing me, I’m probably going to take the chance anyways. I hate my natural hair and I don’t feel comfortable at all without pink hair. :( My hair was pink for most of my sons life, I miss it. My logic is, my nail polish doesn’t seem to bother my skin, the remover doesn’t, sooooo hair dye should be okay, right? :? Also if I do bleach it and it doesn’t kill my scalp and I hate it, I can do what I did before. Dye it brown and let it grow out.

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  • I vote for pink! Then again, I’ve got pink going on :>

  • Kharizma McAnulty

    of course I will do your roots too. And if you want color layers, get me foil. The pre-cut “wrappers” work great for this kind of projects. They even sell it at the Dollar Tree :)

    • Awesome! I have to order the dye and toner so I’ll get some aluminum sheets them. :d Thank you.

  • Have Wendi and I given you the bleaching bug?!?!

    I say go for it, and I’m keeping my fingers crossed so that you don’t have an adverse reaction to the bleach or dye <3

  • Yes! Purple AND pink! Haha, I’m always a supporter of fun hair!

  • OH OH! Even better! I can’t believe I forgot to mention it, I was just rambling about it this morning on a different blog(will leave link on bottom)! In the salon, when someone is reluctant to bleach their hair, or we only need a little lift(as with temporary/semi permanent dyes), we do a color wash. Basically, when you mix together the developer and bleach, you’ll also add some shampoo to the mix. Usually about a 2:1 ratio to the developer. I’d recommend using a protein enriched, or fortifying shampoo too, to help with the damage that inevitably comes with bleaching. But, what this does is dilutes the peroxide, so it does work a teeny bit slower, but it gives you better control, and can be more gentle on sensitive scalps. This way, since you’re still trying to avoid the scalp, if it does come in contact, it isn’t as potent and harmful. ^_^

    Here is where she gave her how-to, and I ranted, haha:

    • Ooo interesting. I’ll take a look. I don’t even own liquid shampoo. haha I used to add dye to my conditioner and just kept the color up that way, though now that I use a bar conditioner I was trying to figure out how to keep the color in without actually re-dying it. I might have to find a natural liquid conditioner to use off and on. Though now I’m thinking that I want the tips of my hair to be the purple I’ve got in now, or maybe the bottom layer of my hair. Ahhh! I don’t know. lol

  • Be sure that whoever does it brings the bleach to your scalp without actually getting on your scalp. Try not to brush your hair or irritate your scalp as much as possible beforehand, if you can. Bleach is a touchy chemical, and adverse reactions can get ugly really fast, so be careful. Itching is normal, but anything more than that(burning, sharp pains, etc) can be signs of chemical burns, allergic reactions, or other bad things. Unfortunately, it’s not the kind of hair chemical you can patch test, because it’ll just eat up your skin, so caution is best.

    Perhaps you should try and, next time, look for a bleach that’s safe(r) for use on the scalp, just to be careful. ^_^

    Other than that, GO NUTS. I’m constantly changing my hair color, and just went from my normal purple to turquoise, so I know how you feel. Somehow, purple feels more natural than my real hair color! In my professional opinion(I never get tired of that :p ) I think pink is smokin’ on you. It complements your skin tone so nicely. The purple is great too, but the pink is prime.

    • Thanks! :d I bleached my hair for gosh about 10 years and had it pink most of that time. So it’s pretty natural to me to have pink hair. The first time I dyed my hair a normal color when my son was younger he freaked out and wouldn’t even talk to me for a couple of days. haha In the pasted it’s just mostly itched my scalp and made me feel like I had creepy crawlies all over once I found the bleach that worked best for me. Though my health has gotten worse since then and my sensitivity to things is rather bizarre. Hopefully though it’ll be like it has in the past and not bother me.