The joys of a yowling cat

I lie. There are no joys. I promise. Though sometimes it is a little amusing. Sushi start coming into heat recently. She appears to be um fully in heat? She’s been acting strange and meowing strangely off and on for the past week. However last night she started yowling more as the evening grew on. This morning she’s spent most of her time meowing, growling, yowling and running from the door to the bathroom window to our bedroom window and then up to my face as if to beg “Please for the love of all that is holy let me outside woman!” Yeah right. Sorry cat, you’re not leaving this room! So there! Rest assured she shall be spayed before her next heat cycle or may very well shoot myself. Oddly enough she seems to hate Kai and Kinon right now. She’s hissed and growled at Kinon more than once and gone so far as to slap Kai across the face and hiss at him. haha Also at this very moment it sounds like there is a hound dog in the neighborhood howling his poor head off.

So I leave you with this clip… of Sushicat attacking me as I try to record her and then yowling and growling and I’m not sure what. Hopefully you can hear as she was across the room and in the bathroom off of our room.
[audio:|titles=Sushicat yowling]

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  • We used to have a cat that couldn’t be spayed because of a heart condition…I can definitely relate to the ‘joys’ of a yowling cat in heat!!

    • I don’t know that my sanity could handle Sushi if she couldn’t be spayed!