Crazycat & Fumiko

I have a feeling this is going to be a re-occurring theme until Sushi is out of heat. Because it’s like day 2 or so and I’m going crazy. The only time she’s quiet is when she passes out from meowing I assume. The rest of the time is spent with her meowing, yowling, making strange inaudible noises and trying to rub her butt on everything, everyone and their brother. Earlier we found her in the hallway with her butt halfway up the wall. And a little later she was kind of doing this shuffle dance with her back feet from side to side while her front half was smoothed into the ground.
[audio:|titles=Sushi meowpurring something. ]
A little while ago she got up on me and decided to let me pet her, and as I scratched her chin she started making slightly less annoying sounds, which I conveniently recorded on my phone, and uploaded for your sick pleasure! I have to admit. It can be pretty funny, but more annoying. haha This by the way is the much more tame meowing she does. Also earlier I was telling Kai how a male cat at least I assume it was male, was outside our bedroom window on the ground meowing while Sushi was in the window yowling. So I mocked the male cat and Sushi I swear to the universe flew across the room and got in my face. So I meowed again and she meowed then licked my face. The cat has emotional issues right now. lol

Fumiko and I went to the store earlier. She picked out her own clothes. If anyone had any doubt she was truly my kid, all you have to do is look at her clothes and you should have no doubt. She picked out her pink and black polka dot skirt, her orange dress with white hearts and the blue skull hoodie Kharizma gave her. She was super bright and cute. She then chose pigtails versus a pony tail. haha Anyways it was super cute and I had to get a picture of her. :)

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  • …Ok I am jealous of that skirt..
    WHY do I always LOVE kids clothing!? It is never in my size! :p

    • it’s okay. I wish most of Fumi’s clothes came in my size. haha

  • Fumiko is super cute! I love her short little bangs, even if you did have to cut them out of hairborne desperation haha