Update on Bitch Slap Cosmetics

I guess the drama was too much. Bitch Slap Cosmetics has already removed Shiro’s photos. I guess the cease and desist order sent to their host worked. Though now I have to wonder if they actually bothered to take their own photos, or just took photos in general. It’s obvious that some are photoshopped. They’re sticking to their theme of leaving unshopped photos large and making the photoshopped photos small. I wonder if they know it’s still obvious. Anyways. At least they aren’t using Shiro’s anymore.

It’s also been brought to my attention that they have two facebook fan pages. I’m not entirely sure if either one is run by Kathy but here is one, and two. I’ve also been told that Bitch Slap and Ruthless are two different companies. That they just had employees in common. At least they made it seem that way by saying they hate Ruthless.

Just remember there are a lot of excellent indie companies out there. Don’t let screwballs like this turn you off. There are baddies in all things in life, just gotta weed through the bad indie companies like anything else. Check these lovely people out. I shop from many and am planning to shop from others. Everyone on that page has an excellent track record. :d They wouldn’t be there if there were any issues with product or customer service! And again feel free to ask me any questions you may have. I’m always happy to help.

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  • …. No words. For real. What are these people thinking???

  • So glad to see that…at least Caitlyn isn’t getting screwed anymore. I just don’t understand companies like this. *Sigh*

  • HAH I like how they took the photos beside their lids, so they could be like, “See? SEE?!” O.O Idiots.

    PS Why do you have almost 10,000 unread messages in your Gmail inbox, ya bum? :LAUGH:

    • haha I don’t actually have any unread and only have like 15 in my inbox. I have no idea what it says that. LOL

    • also I’m a bit confused with their new photos. If they are theirs then why in the hell did they photoshop some? Why not just take real photos of the eyeshadow. And two it wouldn’t be that hard to shop their labels onto the lids. Just sayin! >.>