The current state of my hair…

So Kharizma came over with thai iced tea and bleached my hair. The good news is it didn’t bother my scalp and I’m still alive! My roots came out how I expected, they’re super light and tinted yellow. Definitely need to tone my hair. The bad news is the rest of my hair is this strange blonde/green/blue/purple/something color. haha I’m not sure if I need to bleach my hair again, tone it or leave it alone. I guess bleaching the purple wasn’t the brightest idea. xd And since I had to wash my face I quickly put on eyebrows and some eye makeup. I used New Bruise from My Pretty Zombie on my brows, it seems to be the right shade of brown for me! Hooray! And I used Katrink as eyeliner and then Bride on my lid. :d Anyways pictures. Cause I know you’re so excited to see. hehe My hair is still a little damp here so it actually dried a little lighter. Also taking photos in front of the lamp in our room was a bad idea. It turned my photos this horrible orange/red and I had a hard time fixing them. Ugh.

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  • I think I’d probably tone it. Wella’s Ivory Lady or Silver Lady might work.

    • I ended up re-bleaching it, though this time I picked up developer and a packet of bleach. It lightened it up well and you don’t really notice the green when it’s dry, though wet you can clearly see it. haha

  • Wow… Looking cool… That hairstyle suits you…and you look pretty in glasses…

  • i like your purple eyeliner.

  • Hmm. I’m not sure if that works with Feria’s bleach? I’m not familiar with it, is it a powder or liquid?

    • it’s a little kit thing. It comes with a bottle of solution, to packets of bleach stuff and a mix of oil that you add all together.

  • Well, if you’re intending to go pink after this, the toner will probably just muddy it up. I mean, it would work on the blonde, but it’s really only meant to cover and neutralize the brassy, gold, or red tones rather than actually remove them from the hair. Your best bet would probably be to veerrrry carefully bleach the necessary parts again, starting from the worst and working up, being sure to not get too much on the good spots, to avoid breakage. Depending on how it feels(overprocessed hair is easy to spot) you might have to wait a couple days. I know, half done hair is awful, but it’s better than broken, frizzy dead hair, amiright?

    • I’m not actually bothered by it at all, I just didn’t know if it would show through the pink or not. My hair isn’t damaged at all, at least it still feels undyed except at the very ends where it was already damaged. Its the last few inches from being dyed a couple of years ago. But the rest of my hair is silky smooth and still feels un-dyed. I use Feria extra bleach blonde to bleach my hair, it’s the only bleach I’ve found that doesn’t irritate my scalp. It comes with a couple of bleach packets, would I be able to use those with the shampoo trick? Or do I need to get special bleach for it? I was thinking that might be a good idea to try since you said it was a little more gentle. I probably won’t be bleaching it again until Wednesday.

  • After seeing pictures now, it actually looks fixable with a toner. Are you intending to stay blonde, or are you jumping back to pink?

    • I plan on going pink like in my avatar. I’ve never had this happen with my hair before so I don’t know how to fix it. I wasn’t sure if toner would fix it, or if I needed to bleach it again. I was planning on using special effects toner on it after I bleached it for the yellow anyways, but didn’t know if simply using it would help with the weird color too.

      I don’t have the toner yet, I was going to order it with my dye on the 18th.

  • Holy craaaaap you’re blonde. :WOW:

    • at least the top part of my head is! xd

      • I can’t really see the purple/blue part you were talking about. It’s under the layers, right?

        • I see a little in some lower spots of her hair, but all in all… Not bad! I think I’m going to go full platinum on the top half of my hair, and do either all black or all red under the back half.

          What do you think?!

          • I think the red would look great on the bottom half. :)