Today has been awful

Technically it started last night. Fumiko has this little ladybug wheely cart thing, which she calls her buggie. She’s mostly outgrown it and leaves it lying around. Yesterday she kept sitting on it in our room while watching tv. I’d asked her to take it out which she did because I tripped over it twice. Apparently she brought it back in before she went to bed. Well. She woke up crying last night and I jumped up to run in there and see what was wrong and didn’t see it. I stepped down with my foot inside the handle and I’m not entirely sure how it happened but the handle came up and slammed into my calf muscle while it was tensed and the wooden lip crushed the top of my foot. I seriously thought I broke my foot/ankle/leg/something from the pain. My muscle immediately cramped up and had a huge knot in it and I couldn’t move. My foot swelled up and had a massive bruise on the top of it. Kai had to help me to bed because I couldn’t straighten out my leg because of my calf muscle and couldn’t put weight on my leg if my muscle hadn’t been in so much pain. It still hurts and I can’t put all of my weight on it. The muscle is in so much pain it’s not funny and I can’t step down on my flat foot without horrible pain shooting up my leg bone. t.t Thankfully the swelling and bruise have gone down on my foot so much so you can hardly see it. Still, it hurts like a mofo and I’m pretty sure I damaged my calf muscle somehow. And my back is doing something fierce with the back spasms. And due to the pain I couldn’t sleep, so I didn’t end up getting to sleep until almost 6am.

That aside, Fumiko managed to find my burgundy hair dye and got it in a 2 foot radius on the living room floor and was covered in it when I woke up. The carpet is dark brown but you can clearly see where it’s dyed a red color now. >.< After trying to clean that mess up I came back in our room to find that the cat had completely cleared off my side table, except for my mirror and the tv remote. -.- I made fish soup for lunch. But I’m guessing due to cleaning the carpet my hands/fingers were weak, and I couldn’t freaking hardly get the pouches of frozen tilapia open, or the plastic wrap off the frozen cod. So when I tried to open the ramen for Kai my fingers and hands just wouldn’t work, and I couldn’t get it open. They just wouldn’t work. That was kind of my breaking point. I was already stressed about the carpet and my leg being in so much pain, and I was already freaking sore and nervous that I just lost it and started crying and had to go ask Kai to open the freaking ramen. Now? Now I just feel worn down, and worn out, my nerves are shot, I’m so tired, and so sore I feel sick. Even the gabapentin doesn’t seem to be helping at all, except that it’s making me so cold my fingers are kind of purple. But I hurt, and my body feels swollen and it burns and aches and blah.

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  • Daintynymph

    OxyClean shouldn’t bleach or fade carpets, as far as I know. My mom only ever used it on lighter colored carpets, so that was never a worry for us. If you’re considering re-dying your carpet anyway, give it a shot!

    As for drinky-drinks, one shouldn’t kill you. Have it later in the evening and you’ll probably just pass right out. If you’re up from worrying/pain lately, that’s all the better right?

  • Once, when I was visiting one of the families I work with, this completely stressed grandmother asked me “have you ever had one of those days or weeks that was just from hell?” I had in fact had just such a week prior to visiting her, so I looked at her and said quietly, “yes, ma’am, I have.” Sounds like you’re familiar with this phenomena as well.

    Hope you’re feeling better soon.

  • You might try some Oxyclean on your carpet, Ive used it on large red stains before and had it work pretty good. I use it as a paste, scrub the crap out of it, put a towel down (so no one tracks it around) and wait for it to dry and then vacuum it up. Its not 100% going to work, however it may help you.
    I hope you heal well and start feeling better soon! **hugs** :HK:

    • I’ll have to try that. I’ve only used oxyclean for the bathroom, so I wasn’t sure if it would ruin the carpet more. :) Thank you.

  • I’m sorry, dollface! It really does sound like the worst day ever :(
    Maybe a hot bath and a drinky drink, perhaps?

    • I took a hot bath while Fumiko was napping downstairs. I’m still thinking about a drink! I haven’t had any alcohol since I started taking Gabapentin, and let’s just say I was a damn cheap date before I started taking it. hahaha

  • Oh noooo! I hope your foot/ankle/leg starts to feel better soon! That looks like a horrible thing to have near you bed to trip over!

    Seems like Fumiko gets in to everything now. O.O Good thing your carpet is dark brown, though. I can only image how bad it would look if it was a light color. Did any parts of HER get dyed burgundy?

    • haha. She had it on her face like a clowns mouth, and all over her hands, Kai got most of it off her, her mouth is darker than usual and she has spots on her hands. I’m thinking if a carpet cleaner doesn’t get it out that we might have to get dark brown dye and dye the carpet.

      • One of my concerns was that it got in her mouth or something. Hopefully it doesn’t totally stain her face and hands.

        How noticeable is the carpet? Like if someone saw it/saw a picture, would they be able to point out where it was a different color?

        • Oh no worries if she gets it in her mouth, it’s pretty safe, though it doesn’t taste good. hahaha

          It’s noticeable. >.<