Nyx why you no honor your sale?

I’ve been thinking hard about making this post. Did I really want to add to the plethora of blogs posting about the 12th anniversary debacle? I guess I do. First and foremost I’d like to point out that I do understand servers can and will have issues from time to time. I’ve been hosted with the same company since 2003 and I’ve seen them have issues with their servers, I know it happens. However Nyx claims they started having server issues Saturday night, before the sale even started. So they knew something was up.

Sunday rolls around, 12pm rolls around, people are at the website foaming at the mouth waiting to get their hands on precious Nyx products at an amazing price of up to 90% off certain products. Nyx had been promoting the sale for a week, working their loyal customers up, after-all this sale was for us, right? Let me also say, the customer isn’t always right, but, the seller isn’t always right either. In this case? There were several customers flaming the Nyx facebook page, and saying some raunchy things, that wasn’t right. There were also honest to god concerned customers trying to find out what was wrong. Then there was Nyx, trying to smooth things over by saying they were working on it and it would be up soon. In this case, I don’t think either were right.

Is it Nyx’s fault they were having server/site/whatever issues? No it’s not, to put it politely shit happens. However I think they completely dropped the ball and mishandled the situation horribly. They should have stopped the sale, rescheduled it at first sign that it wasn’t working and fixed their crap. At the very least they should have taken the site down when people started complaining about their carts being switch and being able to see credit card and billing information that wasn’t theirs. Would people have been upset? Yes, probably. Many people counted on this sale, some even took time off work to take part in it. But they would have known they were fixing the problem, and they would have known they had another chance to take part in it. At the very least Nyx could have sent out a one time use code, with limited time for people to use. But instead they extend the sale, and offer those of us who couldn’t even load the site in the first place, let alone actually put products in the cart and check out a 50% off code and free shipping. This doesn’t compare to the sale at all. And it wasn’t our fault that we couldn’t take part, so why should we have to take something else?

As it stands now, with the way Nyx has handled this it screams bait & switch. They promised everyone this amazing sale with items for $1.20 each. They advertised and worked people up about it. The majority of their loyal customers weren’t able to load the site, those that could, weren’t able to check out. Only a small handful of people were actually able to purchase products and most of those people ended up with duplicate items and items they didn’t want. Now they’ve changed the terms and are asking people to email them to receive a 50% off discount. Erm no. That’s a slap in the face. People should be able to purchase products for the price they were promised. It wasn’t our fault your site screwed up. You need to honor your sale. So did I email them for the code? Yes I did. I want to see if they actually follow through with their claim. Will I use it? I honestly don’t know. I want their soft matte lip creams like a mad woman, but I’m extremely disappointed in the way they’ve handled this situation and how they are treating their customers. If I ever purchase their products again I won’t be doing it directly from them. It will be from a third party retailer like Beauty Joint or Cherry Culture.

A few key points:

  1. During Sunday’s fiasco Nyx removed the shop tab from their facebook page so people could no longer see what was available.
  2. People who called customer service were receiving different information from the representatives. Some were saying if you got your items in your cart before the sale ended you still got your discount. Others said if you screenshotted your cart you could still get the discount. Others said there was nothing that could be done. They don’t take orders over the phone, and you can’t fax your order in.
  3. People who called customer service were either immediately hung up on, or a representative was extremely rude/yelled at them and then hung up on them.
  4. The website immediately started working fine after the sale ended. Amazing since I’m sure the same amount of people were viewing it.
  5. Items that were listed as sold out while the sale was going on were magically back in stock as soon as it ended. That delivery truck has amazing timing…
  6. Nyx had major issues with a big sale last year as well.

Think of the whole debacle what you will. Nyx didn’t make this happen, but they sure didn’t fix it. Below are some links to other blog posts about the sale.

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