Review: the POREfessional

My pores are in love! No really. It’s amazing. I’ve always had an issue with pores, especially on my nose. I’ve tried all sorts of products that claim to reduce and tighten and make pores magically disappear, but none have really worked all that well. The POREfessional from Benefit Cosmetics is amazing. It’s a flesh colored balm that reduces the appearance of pores and you can apply under or over your makeup. It claims to be oil-free, lightweight, translucent and silky. It’s all of the above. When I first applied it I thought it was going to be this heavy, goopy, mess of a concealer that in face looked too dark for my skin. However, once I blended it in, it matched my skin perfectly and my pores were dramatically reduced, and within 10-20 minutes I could barely see them. It truly is silky smooth as well, it doesn’t feel like you have anything on, and it’s easy to apply other foundation/bb cream/etc over it. I’ve had this on my face for 8+ hours and it hasn’t “melted” like many face products do on my nose/forehead because it gets so oily. In fact my nose seemed less oily at the end of the day than it usually is. I did a photo comparison of my nose since my pores are the worst there. In the photos you can see my nose with nothing on, freshly cleaned with witch hazel, just the POREfessional on, just skinfood‘s Ginkgo BB cream on and then the bb cream over the POREfessional. I wish I’d remembered to take a photo a little bit later because the pores on my nose were even less visible. Oh well.

The POREfessional comes in a squeeze-tube and is 22mL or 0.75 US fl. oz. It doesn’t take much to cover problem areas as a little goes a long way. I’ll be stocking up on this as it’s an amazing product and has provided an easy fix for my pore issues.

  • »»Product: 5/5 Product does what it claims exceptionally well.
  • »» Value: 4/5 Price is a little steep from retailer.
  • »» Ease of Use: 5/5 Extremely easy to apply.
  • »» Packaging: 5/5 Product packaging is sleek and looks good.
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  • Amazing! The pictures really let you see the difference. Is the ingredient list silicone-free?

    • It is not. It definitely has silicones in it.

      • Oh, bummer. I feel like one of the only people in the world this affects, but silicones make me break out so quickly that I have to avoid putting them directly on my skin. :-(

        • Aw! It’s in so much stuff. :( I have that very same problem with glycerin. My face is currently healing from a rash due to glycerin. :( My body seems to be able to handle it in small amounts, but glycerin based products are apparently a huge no-no.

  • I know it’s not the point of this post, but I LOVE your glitter liner! xD

    And, uh, your pores look good too! ;)