Swatches: BB Cream comparison #3

BB cream charts! I managed to find a couple of skinfood bb creams and a skin79 bb cream off eBay for a combined total of $20. All from different sellers too. Woot! Anyways I ordered Red Bean[1. affiliate links] and Ginkgo Green BB Creams from Skinfood and of course my Diamond Collection Crystal Pearl BB Cream from Skin79. I’m doing comparisons of the three because these are the three I have in full-size tubes. I’m actually very happy with all three. They all match my skin-tone extremely well and all bring something different to the table. Crystal Pearl is a dewy/shimmery bb cream. Red Bean is hydrating for dry/rough skin, and Ginkgo Green is full of nutrients for skin correction and protection. Red Bean is really moisturizing and doesn’t make the oily areas on my face more oily. It’s super great for my cheeks because my cheeks tend to get super dry. The Ginkgo Green works the best on my forehead/nose where I get oily as it seems to actually keep it from getting too oily. The Crystal Pearl isn’t too dewy so it works great all over my face, however it also works well if I just want a tiny bit of highlight in certain areas. It comes with a highlighter on the lid which is super shimmery, so I tend to use it sparingly. So far between all the samples and these, these match my skin-tone the best. However, fear not! For I have a small obsession and will be trying other brands of bb creams for comparison. Blended swatches on the back of my hand weren’t completely blended in, blended swatches on my arm were. :d Comparison #1 and #2.

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  • I’m really curious about the Crystal Pearl one.

  • I am reallllly wanting the Crystal Pearl one … it was already on my eBay watch list from rubyruby ^.^ one of the several I am interested in trying at some point. The swatches are so helpful, thanks :d