Pink & Purple Hair

My dye from Morgana Cryptoria arrived today! I chose Special Effects in Cupcake Pink and Wild Flower. After attempting the first dye job it was clear that I really needed to tone my hair. Still too much yellow to do my normal process. Normally my hair is pretty much white and I just add my dye to conditioner and let it sit in my hair so the pink is super light. Didn’t work this time. Though this is also the first time I’ve used Special Effects dye. So I ended up having to re-dye my hair as only the roots and tips were pink, the whole middle area all the way around was kind of orangey-pink, and the purple looked gray. So I added much less conditioner to both and the color came out much better. The pink I don’t think I can add any to. There are still a couple of lighter areas but overall way better, the purple came out great, just much darker than I wanted. Now to see how long it stays in my hair, and figure out what color to use for my brows. haha I need to get my hair trimmed badly and I want to bleach, and tone it when the colors fade out to see if that helps.

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  • Yay for Special Effects! I’ve tried a few different semi/demi permanents now, and I keep going back to Special Effects because it seems to work better. However, I think I did try In The Zone a few months ago, a dark purple/blue, and the BIC blue tones are what came out and stayed in my hair for the longest time.

    Anyway, I love that you’re using both pink AND purple! My hair is blue right now, but I’m totally envying the awesome look you’ve created for yourself. Love it!

  • Kharizma McAnulty

    Sweet! LOVE IT! Can’t wait to see in person :)

  • Looks awesome! I love that pink. I generally use darker purples, so I don’t know how much I would like Wildflower, but it blends so nicely with pink! :HBEAT:

    • Also, Special Effects dye ROCKS. I can’t vouch for the lighter colors, but all the darker colors that I used in my hair, the roots GREW OUT before I needed to touch up! One purple dye I used was still in my hair after the dye I used to COVER it faded out!

    • Wild Flower is actually pretty dark, I mixed conditioner with it to lighten it. haha

      Also that’s really funny, xd I’m hoping these fade slowly. We shall see.

      • Hmm. Maybe that’s not the purple on the website that I’m thinking about! There was a light one… -.-

        Well, then I hope the lighter ones fade quickly! xD Hahaha.

  • Love it!

    • doh you’re sneaky! I just sent you the link. lol

  • Nice job! I’ve never thought about working my dye into my conditioner. Does it work well?

    • Normally it does. Though I always used beyond the zone dye with it and my hair was pretty much white when I used to do it. It was nice for pastel colors. :)

  • I love it!

    I can’t wait to see pix of it dry!! I need to bleach my hair again… GAHHH! How’d the Vit C trick work for you, if at all?

    • It didn’t do anything at all. :( I think I just need to tone it regularly.

  • Special Effects is the best dye ever <3 looks awesome!!

  • It looks really nice! I like the colors together, that is a killer purple!