Random Cat Pictures!

Hooray. I’ve decided to post more random photos of Sushi. Just because I can. hehehe The photos of her in my blue bin, is her digging around trying to find hair bands/clips to steal and play with. I’ve given up trying to keep her out of them. Also there’s a photo of Kai showing how happy he is that the bank sent him his new hello kitty bank card. hahahaha On a side note, see how much he loves me? He’s willing to go through god only knows how much humiliation so I can have my hello kitty bank card. All because our bank won’t let him have a normal card. For him to have a normal card they’d have to make mine normal too. So he decided to keep his awesome hello kitty card. <3

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  • Sarah

    lol yeah my cat’s like super nosy about EVERYTHING, and once i painted my nails n she stuck her nose in it to sniff it. she made such a face and then was shaking her head after. kitty definitely didn’t like that smell. and i said “see that’s wat u get nosy! always stickin ur nose in everything.” now she sits far away when i paint my nails. that’s why we love cats lol. <3

  • Sarah

    lol that’s crazy, wat a coincidence. you lucked out with all siamese. i had a siamese named chocolate she was the best cat i ever had, but she died tragically. i definitely want a siamese again. they are the best cats ever. right now i’m stuck with a crazy calico lol. my second calico in my life. <3

    • I had a calico persian. haha outside of the persian I had, and a kitten we found on our old farm, all other cats were part Siamese. They’re funny cats. :) Sushi is confused by my hair, it smells weird cause I used a conditioner I’ve never used before and looks weird. She keeps getting on my shoulder to sniff my hair and bat at it, then she stares at me funny. lol She’s taking it worse than my daughter.

  • Sarah

    mutt cats are awesome. :)

    • They are! Actually almost every cat I’ve had has somehow been part Siamese. haha I never realized before now. I do want to get a couple of British Shorthairs. They’re so cute and family oriented, and cute. xd

  • Sarah

    aw how cute! well i was close lol.

    • haha yep! She’s a mutt-cat. xd

  • Sarah

    ur cat looks like a cat i used to have. lynx-point siamese?

    • She’s an orange tabby and Siamese mix.

  • Your cat is TOO CUTE!!! *squeeeee* :HBEAT:

  • Sushicat is SO adorable!

    And I have to ask… Did you paint her claws, or are those the claw protectors?! I remember seeing them around, and I know my cat would hate me if I ever got them for her! LOL

    • Those are the kitty caps. :) She HATES them because she can’t use her claws to climb anything. lol

  • Aw, I love your kitty, she looks like a sweetie!

    • haha too bad she’s a jerkface. xd