Hey look, another poll! And giveaway info!

So the top 5 companies from the last poll are:

Morgana Cryptoria (52%, 22 Votes)
Shiro Cosmetics (50%, 21 Votes)
High Voltage Cosmetics (43%, 18 Votes)
Darling Girl Cosmetics (36%, 15 Votes)
Venomous Cosmetics (29%, 12 Votes)

So now we have a new poll! All 5 companies offer both lip products and shadows. Some of you have commented that you’d love to see more lip items since most indie giveaways are just shadows. So what do you want to see? I’ll definitely be purchasing some lipstick from Morgana, but the outcome of the poll depends on who else I’ll be buying from. :d This will be for the giveaway for 100 GFC followers. Also to note if any of the awesome sauce indie companies would like to donate a little something for the giveaway that would be awesome! Black Rose Minerals is going to be donating a sample pack for it and I’m going to be purchasing a couple of shadows from her as well. If you’re interested in donating anything feel free to email me at Thank you!
[poll i d= “12”]

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  • A good mix of both would be awesome sauce, but I will say I’d jump for joy if there were an Intertube or two in there. Intertuuuuubes!

  • I also vote both!

  • both! ^.^