Fumiko, Sushi and Kai, oh my!

Random photo post. Also the backlight on the laptop is dead. :( I currently have my desktop monitor hooked up to the laptop so I can use it. *le sigh* It’s an old laptop. It’s at least 5 years old. I’ve been expecting this with the way the monitor has been acting but still. Oof. On the bright side, I can see colors correctly now. Tomorrow is payday and I must be good for we have to rent a carpet cleaner, get some paint, and I have to get papers notarized and sent off to David[1. Sascha’s dad.]. And of course we have to pay bills.

Also I’m doing eyeball shots for Andrea of My Pretty Zombie so you should go see! Also for those of you[2. I can’t for the life of me remember who it was who asked me about it. But either way it’s good info for everyone!] who were concerned with her not listing ingredients in her listings she has been listing the full ingredient list in new listings and will be in the process of going back through older listings to add them. :d Now onto the pictures.

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  • Seriously, you’re kids are SOOOOO freaking cute, I think I had a mild stroke when I saw these pics. Good work genes! :) (And awesome blog too, p.s.) :)

  • I love kitty in a box pics :)

  • Cute post is cute <3

  • Boo!!! I had computer problems this morning too! So far it has decided to work, but i am a bit weary that it will just stop working and if i have to replace it, it will be costly! Cute pictures. I’m glad she is putting up ingredients. It is important to be able to see what is in something before you buy it. Oh and i have not forgotten about the prize sample pack i am lagging a bit, but i will get it to you soon :d

    • Not to worry! I haven’t hit 100 GFC readers yet so I won’t be putting up the giveaway for a little bit. :)

      I really hope this laptop doesn’t complete die. :( at least I can use it for now and we won’t have the money to replace it. We already have to fix my desktop and Kai isn’t sure if it’s the power supply or the hard drive & video card. Ugh. So it will be at least $50 to replace the power supply.