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Keep checking back. Sales will be added as I find them. :d

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I keep forgetting to edit the photos for the brush cleaning post I’ve had planned. Oops. Hopefully I’ll get to them this week. I suppose I’ll try to edit the photos today so they’re ready when I get the itch to make the post. This is going to be a very random post. Just sayin’. I painted my nails with wetnwild Blue Wants To Be a Millionaire two nights ago. I was too tired to clean the edges with acetone, so I’m going to try to finally get to that today.

Also did you see the lipstick poll below? Go vote so I know which lipstick to get for the giveaway! :d So Payu2blog gave me a link that I thought would be difficult to implement in a blog post. So I mentioned it on twitter and @utpian replies with “”I dislike this makeup palette so much, I could see myself using a rifle scopes to destroy it.” JK” hahaha Which wouldn’t actually be that hard to do because unlike most people I hate the sleek acid palette. I’m not a fan of neons, mostly because they hurt my eyes. My eyes water badly when I look at neon things. It’s just to bright for my poor peepers. Fortunately for me, sadly for other people the dyes they use aren’t FDA approved here, so they won’t ship to US residents.

I suppose I should get started on all those photos…


So awhile ago Dawn from Troika Organics offered to send me some of her products to try including her deodorant that she had started making. I received some goodies on June 4th and was pleasantly surprised! She sent me a bottle of after shower oil, lip candy lip scrub, sugar scrub, deodorant and a sample container of sugar scrub in another scent. The after shower oil was scented with Candied Cotton a fruity blend of cotton candy, caramel, vanilla, stawberry, fig leaf, plums, mandarin, lemon drops and raspberry, ending with soft musk and woods at the base. The deodorant was scented with Dark Mist a A warm, refreshing, misty tropical rain scent. The full size scrub was scented with Carnival Candy Apples – juicy, plump, dripping red candy apples, my favorite scent of the bunch! And the mini scrub was scented with Sweet Thing – lemon sugar cupcakes! The lip candy lip scrub is unscented. I’ve ordered a bottle of lotion from her to try so I can do a full review, but I just want to gush about the deodorant for a moment. Some of you know what I’ve been through trying to find an all natural deodorant. Literally every natural deodorant I’ve tried both commercial and indie have made my underarms completely raw and they also break out in hives/bleeding sores, most times in under three hours. I literally have scars under my arms. :( Going without deodorant isn’t an option because by the end of the day my underarms are raw and sore. I’ve tried to switch over to all natural, well, everything due to my lyme disease. Most chemicals just aren’t tolerated by my body. I’m still amazing I can use nail polish and my hair hasn’t fallen out from bleaching it.

When I received the deodorant I can honestly say I wasn’t looking forward to trying it. I figured it would be like all the rest. So that night I showered and hesitantly put it on. To my surprise, hours later, my underarms weren’t even slightly red, let a lone raw. I was shocked and thrilled. I’ve been wearing it since with no issues and it’s actually made my underarms lighter, the scars themselves are even getting lighter! This is a holy grail item for me and I’m super happy about it. The only time I had an issue was when I shaved my underarms and put it on immediately after my shower. Oops. I forgot it had baking soda in it. Holy crap that burned. Lesson learned very quick. I’d also like to add that I don’t have to apply this deodorant EVERY day. I can actually go a couple of days without applying it. No stink, no issues! It’s freaking awesome.

The lip scrub is really awesome. It’s kind of a butter with sugar in it. I only wish it were flavored as the beeswax scent is a little overpowering, but it’s just a personal preference. It works great and feels awesome on the lips. The sugar scrubs have been wonderful. Normally after I use a sugar scrub I still have to apply some sort of moisturizer, however I haven’t had to with these. The sugar scrubs aren’t very abrasive either, they’re made with fine sugar instead of coarse sugar so you don’t have to worry about too much scrub! I’ve been using the after shower oil in a few different ways. The candied cotton scent smells lovely by the way. I’ve used it as an after shower oil all over my body, as a face moisturizer and I’ve added some to my bath. It’s been awesome for all three uses. I actually put it in Fumiko’s bath today and she loved it! It’s super moisturizing and soaks into the skin well.

All of her products that I’ve had the pleasure of trying are awesome, I can’t wait to try her lotion and am excited about writing an official review. I definitely recommend her products! Also Carnival Candy Apples is one of the most delicious apple scents I’ve ever smelled, I ordered my lotion in this scent. Dark Mist is also amazing and delicious, and well dark. Love it! Onto the pictures!


Alright so I’m stuck and can’t decide which lipstick to get to go with Azalea Blue from Morgana Cryptoria! So you get to choose! :d You can vote for one option and you have until Tuesday night to vote. Happy Voting!

You can see swatches of Azalea Blue, Twinkling Rubies and Love Lies Bleeding here, and you can see Metallic Maiden here.
[poll i d= “14”]


I’m almost caught up on labels I need to make! Just two more! I also went through and edited my photos for Troika Organics so I should have that post up by the end of the day. I also edited my photos from my OHWTO order from uh awhile ago. So I should hopefully have that up too. Now all I have left is um lots of eyeshadow and lip swatches. I completely forgot what I wrote about yesterday, so I suppose I’ll avoid telling you about my red basil plant and the vegetable soup again. xd

So I had a little bottle of the moscato wine last night. It’s the first time I’ve had alcohol in months. Holy crap. I felt like I drank an entire normal bottle of wine. t.t In the process I thought I found Kinon’s tan towel that has been missing for well over a month now. However it was my mom’s and not his. Poop. It’s really bugging me that we can’t find it. It can’t just vanish into thin air! It’s clearly a magic towel…

Also! Have a little sneaky peek of the new collection that Andrea from My Pretty Zombie made! She’s sending me a set to keep and one to giveaway! :d So behold! I present to you Husbandry Afflictions: Anthrax, Hoof In Mouth and Mad Cow! hehehehehe <3

And now I leave you with crappy phone pictures of lazycat, and my red basil. :d


Really, really tired. The pain pills are nice, but I’m doing too much and once they wear off I feel dead. Considering I only have enough for bedtime for 28 days, or throughout the day for 14 days or less, yeah. It seems like my day was a heck of a lot busier than it really was. I took Kai to work, then ended up going to Fred Meyer to get some kale and fruit. My mom made vegetable soup for me. It’s delicious. It has kale, sweet potato, celery, green bell pepper, carrot, and onion in it. Nom, nom, nom. I only wish it had some little white beans and okra. Mmmm.

I worked on labels for Andrea of My Pretty Zombie and Susan of Darling Girl Cosmetics in between. Doing bottom jar labels for Andrea, and I did solid lotion bar and overall body balm labels for Susan. I likes them. I picked Kai up from work at 6pm and went to pick up some raw honey, then stopped at the salvation army to look for a decent dresser, then went to walmart because my mom wanted me to look for something which I can’t remember at the moment. Though while at Walmart there were a couple of ladies arguing about diet stuff, and arguing quite loudly. They were going back and forth on whether or not to buy some walmart thing or sensa weight loss. I think I may live under a rock. I’ve not heard of sensa yet.

Anyways. We had some vegetable soup and beef for dinner. I had a mini moscato wine bottle and I feel like I’ve had an entire normal bottle. Holy cow. Everything has worn off so I’m exhausted and really sore. My head is killing me. I thought a little bit of wine might help me relax, however it’s just made my headache worse. Guess I’ll go another few months without alcohol.

Anyways, here are the labels I did for Susan.


So yesterday my mom and I went into Bi-Mart to see how much it would cost for a membership. It was only $5 for a lifetime membership! So we did it. While I was looking around the plants I found Red Basil, only it looks like a blackened purple not red. It was AWESOME and so pretty! There were about 10 pots. I had to have it. It smelled amazing and I kept thinking about it and debating over it for the rest of the day and into today. So I was telling my mom I thought I was going to go get some red basil when we got paid and she told me to go get it today. So she gave me some money and I went to get a couple for myself and one for Kharizma. She loves purple! :d So I get there and literally there are only 2 plants left. lol So I grabbed them both! While I was depositing money at the bank for my mom I had sent Kharizma a messsage saying I was going to Bi-Mart to get my purple basil! Then I asked if she was home because I had planned on dropping it off to her, but she wasn’t. :(

So then I just decided I’d drop it off and leave it by her back door on the way home. Well I didn’t have to because while I was checking out Kharizma showed up. :d So I was like well I guess I’ll just give you your basil now. haha So anyways! Now I have awesome purple basil and can’t wait to use it. While I was browsing Bi-Mart yesterday I came across some awesome fire pits. Seriously if I had $100 I’d totally buy one. I want a fire pit so bad. I’d love to be able to sit in the backyard around a nice fire and roast marshmallows and such.

And tonight we are going to Sushi & Maki! YES! Kinon wants to see if he can get Tifanny to like sushi. xd Nom, nom, nom!


Soooo… I had a follow up with my doctor today. Apparently it was to talk about the metformin and to give me the vitamin D. We got there literally 5 minutes before check-in because of the awful traffic and hitting every red light on the way oh and it took us 20minutes just to get to the gas pump at the gas station… After I checked in I went back to the pharmacy to pick up my prescriptions because they would be closing in 45 minutes. I find out that they started charging me for the Gabapentin last time I got them refilled. No one told me and I owed them for the last time I picked up the diabetic testing strips and lancets. So instead of owning them $30 I had to borrow money to pay them the last $10. I know it’s a drop in the bucket compared to what others pay for their prescriptions but it’s gas and bill money for us. When I looked at the tags that they gave me I found that last month my Gabapentin cost $36 for the 100 pills and insurance covered all but $5. This month however? $146 and some change for the exact same prescription and insurance covered $141. I’m a little confused. How in the hell did the cost drastically change? Is there like a nationwide shortage of Gabapentin all of a sudden?

Anyways. They gave me my vitamin D, or Drisdol. I’m to take 1 caplet every Monday and Thursday for 8 weeks. They’re 50,000 iu caplets. Hopefully it works. Last time my vitamin D checked low I was on 70,000 iu every for 3 months and my vitamin D barely went up at all. It took less than 5 minutes to get my prescriptions. So by the time we sat back down it was 4:17pm. My appointment was at 4 :3 0p, check-in was 4:15pm. So Kai and I sit down and wait. We look up at the clock and it’s almost 5pm. The waiting area was completely empty and so was the parking lot when we pulled up. So Kai double-checks with me to make sure my appointment was really at 4 :3 0. Yep it was. So we keep waiting. I eventually got called in shortly after 5 :3 0pm. By this time I’m really annoyed, mostly because my back was already spasming and my legs were shaking all the way up to my hips and my calf muscles were aching and had shooting pains.

So we get in and they ask the usual questions: are you native, do you smoke, are you diabetics, do you drink, do you use recreational drugs, when was the last time you ate, why are you here? The nurse takes my blood pressure, pulse, temperature and bloodsugar. It was 207. I told her I was there I thought to discuss the metformin, but I wasn’t sure. So she leaves and the doctor comes in a few minutes later. I start telling her that the metformin isn’t getting my blood sugar below 200, and that’s with taking double doses, and that also my kidneys have started hurting since I started it. So I stopped it a few days ago. At this point her concern was not the fact that my KIDNEYS WERE HURTING, but that I wasn’t taking the metformin anymore and the metformin couldn’t possibly be causing me kidney pain because it’s not known to do that… WHAT?! Okay, I don’t care if it’s not known to cause kidney damage, my kidneys hurt and it started after I got on the metformin. So instead of her being all “well why don’t you try staying off the metformin for a week or so and see if the kidney pain eases up.” She tells me to start taking it again. Am I going to start taking it again? If my kidney pain doesn’t ease up while being off of it then I’ll start it again. But not until I see whether or not it’s causing the pain. I also told her that my bloodsugar monitor has shown positive for ketones for over half of my tests in the last two weeks. She argued with me about whether or not my bloodsugar monitor could check for ketones. -.-

Then I bring up my heart, again, for the 3rd appointment in a row. Even Kai tells her that I can’t even get up and go to the bathroom part of the time without my heart going nuts. I gave her examples, like when I wiped down the stove, when I went downstairs to the garage to get a towel and back up, and when I made waffles earlier. Then she asks me if I think it’s related to stress… Cause wiping down the stove and getting a towel out of the garage and making waffles is goddamn stressful.

NO I do not think it’s from stress. I swear she asked me the same question last time. At this point I was seriously visualizing me leaping off the table and strangling her to within an inch of her life. But instead I said no, I didn’t think it was stress, it happens more often when I’m doing something physical but also happens when I’m not doing anything at all. Then I tell her that the pain and numbness and pins and needles and all of that crap is getting worse. She at that point asked for like the 7th time if I saw a neurologist at which point I told her I couldn’t afford it. Then she asked if I would be willing to see a heart specialist… to which I said I would love to, but I can’t afford to. So she finally decided it might be a good idea to do an ekg test and take a urine sample and draw some blood to do some tests. What tests? I have no idea, but at least she’s doing something. So the ekg came out normal, and my urine test showed no ketones, but had sugar in it… So I’m fine. She says my heart is fine, but IF it happens again to go to the ER. Okay then… Then she told me yet again that you can only test for ketones in urine. And I said that every page I looked up online said it could be tested in urine and blood. Then she said that me poking my finger wasn’t enough blood to be tested for ketones. Then she said that besides ketones were unusual in people with type 2 diabetes. And I said I know and started to tell her when it was possible to have it in people with type 2 diabetes AND SHE SAYS “it only really happens when someone has an illness”. I seriously thought Kai was going to fall off his chair. Instead it gave her a goofy look and pointed both of his hands at me. My only thought at that point was “why in the hell do you think I’m seeing you?”. *sigh*

So Kai brought up several issues with pain and sensations and it just seem to go in one ear and out the other. She finally albeit reluctantly gave me an Rx for 28 Vicodin. But I had to take a urine analysis to make sure I wasn’t abusing drugs. And I have to see her in 4 weeks again for I don’t even know what. I just feel like she doesn’t believe me. She treats me like I’m a crazy hypochondriac and I’m beyond frustrated. It gives me no hope for seeing another doctor there. She’s not putting two and two together at all. My bloodsugar was normal before the Gabapentin, I go on it and my bloodsugar is magically staying above 200, she doubles the dose and now it’s staying between 250 and as high as 488 so far. I’m having no kidney trouble, she starts me on metformin and my kidneys magically start to hurt. Ugh.

Oh look I’m really annoyed and stressed and frustrated AND MY HEART ISN’T FREAKING OUT. -.- However it did start going crazy when I got up to go help Fumiko go potty. I think I probably forgot some stuff, but I’m not sure. Overall the extra cost of the medications caught me off-guard, but it wasn’t a huge ordeal, visit with the doctor was really disappointing and stressful. I hope that the doctor I see on the 29th will listen to me and actually work with me.


I can barely keep my eyes open. Three o’clock can’t get here fast enough. Nap time for Fumiko and I think nap time for me. I took Kai to work this morning, mailed a package, then stopped by Dawn’s to get her cat carrier. Sushi has an appointment Thursday morning to get spayed. Hooray. I had a nice cup of coffee with Dawn and she gave me a starter from her Black Locust tree. Hopefully I don’t kill it.

Kai’s father’s day meal was a success. I made baked teriyaki salmon, fried asparagus and rice. It was tasty. Though I think I may be allergic to asparagus. Which kind of sucks since I finally found a way that I like it. Oh well. I finally saw the show Extreme Couponing the other night. All I can say is what a damn crazy show. lol I look at coupons every now and then, but I can gladly say I’m no where near extreme. xd Someone shared this website that has sears coupons the other day. If you’re looking for shoes or need a new mattress I’d take a look. I wish we needed a new bed and had some extra money, because I’d sure be looking at some of their beds. Unfortunately for me our mattresses are fine, outside of being too hard. :(

I suppose I shall go count the 10 minutes before Fumiko goes down for a nap…


First, the note. I haven’t been feeling well lately. This past week due to some treatment changes I’ve been herxing, not horribly bad, but bad enough. I haven’t been able to get much done and am behind on several blog posts. A couple of days ago I randomly broke out in hives and an extremely itchy, annoying rash all over my body. My head literally touched my pillow and bam I started to itch all over. It didn’t show up well but you can see some of the bumps and rash here on my face. I can only assume it’s from the herxing. I’ve experienced it before, but only on my face and neck, it’s not happened all over my body. I’m still dealing with it. I still have itchy hives and it’s driving me batty. It’s not quite as bad as it was that night, but it’s goddamn annoying. I’ve mostly been exhausted to the point that I literally can’t keep my eyes open. I fell asleep today looking at forum themes. WTF My pain has been back and forth, but my heart has been especially painful and anything I do seems to stress it. The past couple of weeks over half of my bloodsugar results have been positive for ketones as well. Awesome. I guess I’ve felt like I have a really extreme flu. I’ve also noticed lately that my old issues with asthma appear to be rearing their ugly head again. Oof.

So yes, I am behind. I have swatches to post, some reviews to post, fotd’s, etc. I also have some labels to work on. I just haven’t been able to summon enough energy and willpower or consciousness to work on them. On that note…

I added forums to my website. Hooray. I’ve been working on them the past couple of days. It’s sort of been my brain fade in-between dozing off and taking showers/baths. You may find them at I’m still working on the theme. There are colors I need to change and images I need to replace/edit, but it’s fully functioning! There are already a handful of indie owners that have joined and are participating and other bloggers as well! There is a buy/trade/sell section as well as a section for RAMM. It’s not limited to just makeup and beauty. I wanted it to be open to everyone, so people can make friends and get to know each other.


SKIN79 Rose Mist Toner
Darling Girl Cosmetics Whipped Pistachio Butter Vanilla Rose
Skinfood Red Bean BB Cream #1

Bokeh Face Amazing Mineral Blush Lotus

My Pretty Zombie Maryjane

Concrete Minerals Electric Eye Primer
My Pretty Zombie Maryjane

essence coralize me! #55
essence xxxl shine lipgloss super girl #05


It was a nice, mostly lazy Sunday. We talked to Sascha on the phone earlier and talked about plans for the 4th, then Kai randomly decided we should go get some frozen yogurt from the Yogurt Shack. Betcha can’t guess what I got! Yep, peanut butter frozen yogurt with mochi balls. Kai got chocolate and vanilla swirl with crushed oreo’s and kitkat’s. Fumiko got mixed berry with mochi balls and blueberries. Though before we got yogurt we stopped at Fred Meyer.

My mom had asked us to stop by and price the strawberries and soil. I wanted to look at their lavender and check out the basil anyways. I’m currently thinking of planting lots of lavender in our yard by the street since that area is really weedy and has lots of tree roots. Sooo we forgot to look at the lavender, but I found a really nice basil plant with two plants and really nice leaves! Score! Plus it was on the sale rack so it was $3. Then we found 3 kinds of strawberries, there were some with pink blossoms called Berries Galore Pink[1. okay seriously you know I had to have these… how could I pass up pink strawberry blossoms!], regular strawberries, and some called june early harvest strawberries. The pink strawberries were on a rack that had them priced at 2 for $6, which was great since there were 6 plants to a plastic container. The regular and june early harvest strawberries were 2 for $5 and only had one plant per container, BUT the sign said tomatoes and vegetables even though half the rack was strawberries. So! I took a container up and asked if they could be priced and told the cashier what the sign said. She told me they would actually be $1 each because there was a coupon for them. SCORE! So Kai and I got 4 of the regular strawberries and 4 of the june early harvest strawberries. I then went back and forth on the pink strawberries and Kai told me to get them so we could go. haha We also picked up a 2cu ft bag of turf king soil. It was $7.99 where the miracle grow soil we got last year was 1 cu ft for $12.99… Last year the same bag was $6.99. WTF

So we get up to the cashier and the girl was super nice she actually rang ALL of our plants up including the basil which was $3 and the 6 pack of strawberries which was also $6 for $1 each! So we saved $4. Woot! My mom was originally going to give us money for the soil and her strawberries but on the way out of the store I told Kai we should just pay for them and give them to her as an early birthday gift since her birthday is June 14th. He thought it was an awesome idea so that’s what we did. haha When I got home I said “Happy Birthday Mom, we got you strawberries and dirt! xd ” hehehe I also have a card to give her. :)

So I’ve been bugging Kai for a couple of weeks now that we should try a new pizza place that opened up next door to the Yogurt Shack. It’s called Sparky’s Pizza and they sell pizza by the slice, well that’s what the sign said. So Kai decided tonight we should try them, which I was really happy about. I wanted to see what their pizzas were like but I also wanted to see if they made me as sick as domino’s and such. So we pulled up their menu on the website which by the way doesn’t have everything they have listed! To my delight they have green olives and to our delight they have anchovies! *squee* They have a pizza that has pepperoni, green olive and crushed red pepper, so I got that and had them add pepperoncinis too. Kai got an anchovy and black olive with light sauce and then we got a regular pepperoni for Tiff. BTW Kinon’s friend Tiff is staying with us til the end of the month. :) Oh Kai also ordered wings with sauce on the side. So I went downstairs before we left to tell my mom and she decided after looking at the menu that she wanted one too. So she picked out the Village Vegi with pepperoni.

Soooo we get to the pizza shop and we wait for the lady to finish ordering, then someone asks if we we wanted a slice of pizza. Kai says that we have orders for Kyle and Amanda to pick up. Then she says that she has an order for Sue and an order for Amanda, but no Kyle. LOL So I’m all but we ordered the order for Kyle first, how is that possible. So Kai rambles off the phone number and the girl says that’s for the Portland location. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA He called the wrong number and no one caught it. LOL Sooo we had to re-order our order and she called the other location to explain what happened. Oops. Also they were out of wings which was also funny because she says “The dough-boy won’t actually be back with the wings for another 40min.” ha I didn’t know they were still called dough-boys. So we decided to go over to Fred Meyer and pick up some soda while we waited. By the time we got back the pizzas were just done! I must say I am very happy with the pizza. It’s much better than the chain places we have around, not quite as good as our favorite place in California, but still yummy. The red sauce is nice, it’s NOT sweet, and very herby. I wish it were a little less herby, but it’s not sweet so that makes me happy. Their anchovies are delicious! I’m also extremely happy they have green olives, it’s the first place we’ve found that has them here. The veggies on the pizza my mom got were delicious and not over cooked, so they were still a tad crunchy.

So yes, delicious and slightly lazy Sunday. I now leave you with stuff from my garden! P.S. – photos are from my phone. xd


He’s coming home on July 3rd! I’m super excited that we get to spend the 4th with him. You better bet your britches that we’re planning a barbecue and fireworks! *squee* So for now I’m posting a few photos of him from his school fair this past week! I miss him so. I can’t wait to see him. It’s been a year. I’m dying to hug him.

Happy post! His step-mom Dianna took these. :d Gosh he’s grown up so much. I know I’ve said it before but he looks so much more teen-like than child-like now. It still blows my mind. He’s coming home July 3rd, he’s coming home July 3rd, HE’S COMING HOME JULY 3RD!


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