Lists are cool

So that makes me cool, because I’m totally going to use a list to tell you about my day, mostly because I’m really tired and the Gabapentin is kicking in which is making me even more tired right now. So incoming random… things.

  1. I don’t like the EOS lip balm smooth sphere formula as much as other lip balms but hot damn summer fruit tastes and smells good. I need cheery and uplifting so I’ve been using it constantly.
  2. I ran out of my Gonesh Dragon’s Blood incense last night so I stopped by the Stash today to get some more. I ended up getting some strawberry too. Oh gosh it smells so good right now. So far I’ve burned the strawberry and dragon’s blood since getting home. Seriously the smell of incense just instantly makes me smile.
  3. Today was payday. Bills are paid, groceries acquired and gas tank filled. Now it’s time to wait for payday again .
  4. I made beef stir fry for dinner and the most delicious, awesome, wonderful peanut butter chip cookies today. Now my body is paying for it. I seriously thought I was going to have a heart attack from standing to make dinner and cookies. :( Two double doses of Gabapentin later and I’m in awful pain. My back keeps spasming and my legs keep going numb. Lyme is a bitch.
  5. Fumiko is doing really well with potty training. She’s been going most nights without wetting the bed. She went all day today with us running errands and paying bills without an accident. She asked to go potty twice while we were out. Woot!
  6. Sascha is coming home in a month! *squeee* I’m so excited.
  7. We need to rent a carpet cleaner to clean the carpets. It’s long overdue. By we, I mean Kai.
  8. Kai helped me plant my herbs and veggies over Memorial weekend. They’re looking good. The only things left to plant are 4 tomato plants. I’m going to try to soak the ground where I want them to see if I can make the soil soft enough for planting.
  9. The back-light on the laptop went out. 9hdafliaehnlijeadfnadln *sigh* It’s really old and this was bound to happen. It’s hooked up to my desktop monitor. Please for the love of the universe keep working until Kai can get my desktop fixed. Pretty please.
  10. I think I shall start doing a daily installment of lazycat photos. It’s not like it’s hard to find Sushi lolling about or sleeping.
  11. Smilebox print invitations has cute invitations and scrapbooking stuff. I’ve been looking at it for a half how now.
  12. I mentioned to Andrea of My Pretty Zombie like uh awhile ago? That I wanted to start doing a weekly eyeshadow thing where I wear shadows from one company for a week. Not every week but maybe one week out of the month. However I still haven’t figured out what to call it, therefore I haven’t started it. Any ideas?

I’m off to shower and brush my teeth with awesomely delicious tooth soap and light some incense and then hopefully fall asleep. I leave you with lazycat. Goodnight. Z_Z


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  • Rebecca

    Lists are awesome! Sometimes if I’m making a to-do list and I’ve already done something, I’ll put it on the list just so I can cross it of! Is that weird? Lol.
    You should definitely do a daily lazycat photo; I’ve got tons of my kitty and I love looking at everyone else’s animal photos also. :) :HK:

  • I dunno, for some odd reason the only thing that popped into my head was “Shark Week” @_@ Maybe I need to lay off the Discovery Channel…