Swatches: My Pretty Zombie Hangover, Maryjane, Moist, EJPCreations, Vanity & AgonysDecay

purchased by me

Hey look! More My Pretty Zombie swatches! :d I received a cute little box, complete with a severed finger from Andrea recently. Fumiko of course snatched up the finger as soon as I had the box open. I’m not sure where it is, but eventually I’m going to have enough for cupcake toppers! Then I can steal Claire’s cake topper idea. xd teehee. They’d go perfect on my mexican chocolate cupcakes with mexican chocolate ganache. Mmmmm. Severed finger anyone? Aaaanyways! Andrea sent me Hangover <3 , Maryjane, Moist, EJPCreations, Vanity and AgonysDecay! *squee* I looooooove Hangover, Maryjane, Moist and EJPCreations and I’m not a huge ran of green eyeshadow believe it or not. haha AgonysDecay is also gorgeous, the glitter in it is amaaazing. Onto ze swatches!

Also I leave you with this clip of Fumiko. xd We were looking at photos from the pumpkin patch last year and Fumiko started talking about Hallow’s Even then says “I want be zombie, faerie zombie!” So I asked if she wanted to be a faerie zombie for Halloween and she said yes. So I got out my phone and recorded her talking. :d
[audio:|titles=Fumiko talking]

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