Hair Poll!

Alrighty. So I love, love, love my pink and purple hair. To be honest though I’m still lusting after turquoise. What I want to do is put purple and turquoise highlights in my hair. So basically I want it to be a flurry of pink, purple and turquoise. I’m hoping Kharizma will help me as I’m pretty sure I’ll fail at trying to foil highlights in my hair. But, I’m not 100% positive on the idea yet. I’m almoooost there. So that’s where you come in! Do I just re-dye my pink and purple, or do I add turquoise to the mix? :d

1, 2, 3, Go!
[poll i d= “13”]

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  • If you went for like a light aqua turquoise that would be epic, though I would want to eat your hair since it would resemble cotton candy :p

  • I vote turquoise. The way I see it, the more colors, the better. ;-)

    Maybe instead of turquoise highlights, possible do a shock of turquoise thru the bangs or one of the side sections of your hair? I would do “shocks” of color like that to clients in the salon and it always looked fantabulous.

  • Aw, I like it the way it is! But I’m an enabler when it comes to hair experiments, so go crazy!!! ^__^
    I just got out of a turquoise phase. It was fun for a month or so, but it just didn’t suit me. I want my purple back! Getting it done next week!

  • You’re lusting after turquoise, and I miss pink! How funny is that?