DIY – How to depot NYX Jumbo Pencils

Let me start off by saying I know there’s a whole slew of videos and instructional posts on how to depot these pencils, I’m adding my own anyways! Who knows maybe someone hasn’t seen this yet. Now let me say, I loathe watching videos. It’s really a combination of it making me literally car sick to see, and I’ve been using Kai’s old laptop since my health got really bad and it takes me at least 10+ minutes to just partially load a video. I also know I’m not the only one who loathes video tutorials! ;) Let me also add that this works on the wetnwild idol eyes. I actually took photos of the process using a wetnwild pencil. Photo thumbnails are displayed in order.

Now! You’ll need the following things:

  1. An old towel or paper towels.
  2. A microwave safe glass, or two or three.
  3. Pliers to remove the plastic cap at the end of the pencils. Please note, sometimes it’s metal.
  4. Empty 5 gram jars with lids, with labels.
  5. Pencils to depot.
  6. A microwave.
  7. A refrigerator. xd

Alrighty! You want to lay your towel out to protect the surface you’re working on. Take your pliers and remove the cap at the end of your pencils. It’s a 50/50 chance of them being glued on. Two of mine weren’t glued and came off fairly easy, the other two were glued on and ended up breaking the ends of the tube when I got them off. On that note, be careful if you break the ends because they can and will leak out the end and go all over your cup.

Once you have the caps off the end of the pencils take an empty jar and set it inside your microwave safe cup, now place the pencil tip down into the jar, so that the butt end of the pencil is resting against the inside of the cup. Now place the pencil inside the jar, inside the microwave safe cup, into the microwave. You’ll want to start with 30 second increments so you can see how long it takes your pencil to melt into the jar. My pencils took anywhere from 2-3 minutes per pencil to fully melt. Also note, if you have a minute plus button, don’t use it. For whatever reason it doesn’t get hot enough to melt the pencils and you end up having to nuke it for a much longer period of time.

Once your pencil is empty be careful taking it out, the cup will be hot. Use your pliers to carefully pull the empty pencil out of the cup. If you’re like me and you used a cup that isn’t that wide you’ll want to use the pliers to carefully grab the edge of the jar and lift it out as well. It will be hot so be careful if you’re taking it out with your hands. Now that you’ve successfully de-potted your NYX or other brand pencil you’ll want to place the jar into the refrigerator for around 10 minutes. This will allow it to solidify. If you have a lot of pencils or a poor memory you’ll want to put labels on your jars to identify your melted pencils. I however like to live on the edge and didn’t label mine.

Easy peasy! Behold step by mostly step photos!

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  • Thank you for this! I never watch video tutorials(Except for StayFabuluss, hahahahaha, I’m going to watch her videos for the rest of my life now) and had no idea that people even did this! :p I’m sheltered. That’s super awesome, and I think I’ll be attempting it with some of my NYX pencils.

  • I’m torn- I want to depot my Milk pencils, but I also love how they apply to my waterline like a dream. *sighs*

    Maybe I’ll pull the color off from the wood shavings when I sharpen it.

  • I used pliers to hold the pencils, and a heat gun to melt the pencils out. your way seems a bit easier!

  • I appreciate this post. I don’t watch YouTube videos much, and this was great. I was just heading out to Ulta and Target, wonder what I can find.

    Pots at craft store?

  • I keep meaning to do this, but I can never remember to check the craft store for jars. Maaaaaaah!

  • The little jars look so cute and colorful! I actually prefer my jumbo pencils in the stick form, though.

    • ugh I like them in stick. But I feel like I waste so much sharpening them. -.-