I miss my boy

He’s coming home on July 3rd! I’m super excited that we get to spend the 4th with him. You better bet your britches that we’re planning a barbecue and fireworks! *squee* So for now I’m posting a few photos of him from his school fair this past week! I miss him so. I can’t wait to see him. It’s been a year. I’m dying to hug him.

Happy post! His step-mom Dianna took these. :d Gosh he’s grown up so much. I know I’ve said it before but he looks so much more teen-like than child-like now. It still blows my mind. He’s coming home July 3rd, he’s coming home July 3rd, HE’S COMING HOME JULY 3RD!

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  • he’s adorable!

  • I can definitely see the teen features showing up since you pointed it now. Kids just grow up so fast! I’m dreading the day when my son goes off to college, which is too too soon! =(

  • Love the faces in the first two pictures. In the last picture its like you can see the more teen-like features you could say. Not to mention he looks lanky! Do you reckon he is going to be a tall guy?

    • I think he has a good chance of being tall. Both of his grandparents are and there are plenty of tall people on both sides of the family.

  • ki

    I’m so happy for you Manda!!! And he must be dying to see you too (even though boys are loathe to admit such things!) :p

    • He’s an odd little duck. He’s totally willing to admit he loves and misses me, and according to his grandma tells everyone who will listen. lol

      He also loves pink. Though I think that’s because it reminds him of me. My hair was pink for most of his life and he flipped a shit when I dyed it a normal color. lol

      • Oh my goodness that’s so cute!
        You have one handsome dude there lady!!