Where did all this tired come from

I can barely keep my eyes open. Three o’clock can’t get here fast enough. Nap time for Fumiko and I think nap time for me. I took Kai to work this morning, mailed a package, then stopped by Dawn’s to get her cat carrier. Sushi has an appointment Thursday morning to get spayed. Hooray. I had a nice cup of coffee with Dawn and she gave me a starter from her Black Locust tree. Hopefully I don’t kill it.

Kai’s father’s day meal was a success. I made baked teriyaki salmon, fried asparagus and rice. It was tasty. Though I think I may be allergic to asparagus. Which kind of sucks since I finally found a way that I like it. Oh well. I finally saw the show Extreme Couponing the other night. All I can say is what a damn crazy show. lol I look at coupons every now and then, but I can gladly say I’m no where near extreme. xd Someone shared this website that has sears coupons the other day. If you’re looking for shoes or need a new mattress I’d take a look. I wish we needed a new bed and had some extra money, because I’d sure be looking at some of their beds. Unfortunately for me our mattresses are fine, outside of being too hard. :(

I suppose I shall go count the 10 minutes before Fumiko goes down for a nap…

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  • Andrea

    full day so it seems but ended well, I recently started to fallow u so I’m not acquainted with the names :CAT:

  • ki

    Aww I’m sorry you’re feeling run down! Do take that nap and have a strong cup of coffee – you’ll feel much better after! :)