Doctors visit numero I’m not really sure anymore…

Soooo… I had a follow up with my doctor today. Apparently it was to talk about the metformin and to give me the vitamin D. We got there literally 5 minutes before check-in because of the awful traffic and hitting every red light on the way oh and it took us 20minutes just to get to the gas pump at the gas station… After I checked in I went back to the pharmacy to pick up my prescriptions because they would be closing in 45 minutes. I find out that they started charging me for the Gabapentin last time I got them refilled. No one told me and I owed them for the last time I picked up the diabetic testing strips and lancets. So instead of owning them $30 I had to borrow money to pay them the last $10. I know it’s a drop in the bucket compared to what others pay for their prescriptions but it’s gas and bill money for us. When I looked at the tags that they gave me I found that last month my Gabapentin cost $36 for the 100 pills and insurance covered all but $5. This month however? $146 and some change for the exact same prescription and insurance covered $141. I’m a little confused. How in the hell did the cost drastically change? Is there like a nationwide shortage of Gabapentin all of a sudden?

Anyways. They gave me my vitamin D, or Drisdol. I’m to take 1 caplet every Monday and Thursday for 8 weeks. They’re 50,000 iu caplets. Hopefully it works. Last time my vitamin D checked low I was on 70,000 iu every for 3 months and my vitamin D barely went up at all. It took less than 5 minutes to get my prescriptions. So by the time we sat back down it was 4:17pm. My appointment was at 4 :3 0p, check-in was 4:15pm. So Kai and I sit down and wait. We look up at the clock and it’s almost 5pm. The waiting area was completely empty and so was the parking lot when we pulled up. So Kai double-checks with me to make sure my appointment was really at 4 :3 0. Yep it was. So we keep waiting. I eventually got called in shortly after 5 :3 0pm. By this time I’m really annoyed, mostly because my back was already spasming and my legs were shaking all the way up to my hips and my calf muscles were aching and had shooting pains.

So we get in and they ask the usual questions: are you native, do you smoke, are you diabetics, do you drink, do you use recreational drugs, when was the last time you ate, why are you here? The nurse takes my blood pressure, pulse, temperature and bloodsugar. It was 207. I told her I was there I thought to discuss the metformin, but I wasn’t sure. So she leaves and the doctor comes in a few minutes later. I start telling her that the metformin isn’t getting my blood sugar below 200, and that’s with taking double doses, and that also my kidneys have started hurting since I started it. So I stopped it a few days ago. At this point her concern was not the fact that my KIDNEYS WERE HURTING, but that I wasn’t taking the metformin anymore and the metformin couldn’t possibly be causing me kidney pain because it’s not known to do that… WHAT?! Okay, I don’t care if it’s not known to cause kidney damage, my kidneys hurt and it started after I got on the metformin. So instead of her being all “well why don’t you try staying off the metformin for a week or so and see if the kidney pain eases up.” She tells me to start taking it again. Am I going to start taking it again? If my kidney pain doesn’t ease up while being off of it then I’ll start it again. But not until I see whether or not it’s causing the pain. I also told her that my bloodsugar monitor has shown positive for ketones for over half of my tests in the last two weeks. She argued with me about whether or not my bloodsugar monitor could check for ketones. -.-

Then I bring up my heart, again, for the 3rd appointment in a row. Even Kai tells her that I can’t even get up and go to the bathroom part of the time without my heart going nuts. I gave her examples, like when I wiped down the stove, when I went downstairs to the garage to get a towel and back up, and when I made waffles earlier. Then she asks me if I think it’s related to stress… Cause wiping down the stove and getting a towel out of the garage and making waffles is goddamn stressful.

NO I do not think it’s from stress. I swear she asked me the same question last time. At this point I was seriously visualizing me leaping off the table and strangling her to within an inch of her life. But instead I said no, I didn’t think it was stress, it happens more often when I’m doing something physical but also happens when I’m not doing anything at all. Then I tell her that the pain and numbness and pins and needles and all of that crap is getting worse. She at that point asked for like the 7th time if I saw a neurologist at which point I told her I couldn’t afford it. Then she asked if I would be willing to see a heart specialist… to which I said I would love to, but I can’t afford to. So she finally decided it might be a good idea to do an ekg test and take a urine sample and draw some blood to do some tests. What tests? I have no idea, but at least she’s doing something. So the ekg came out normal, and my urine test showed no ketones, but had sugar in it… So I’m fine. She says my heart is fine, but IF it happens again to go to the ER. Okay then… Then she told me yet again that you can only test for ketones in urine. And I said that every page I looked up online said it could be tested in urine and blood. Then she said that me poking my finger wasn’t enough blood to be tested for ketones. Then she said that besides ketones were unusual in people with type 2 diabetes. And I said I know and started to tell her when it was possible to have it in people with type 2 diabetes AND SHE SAYS “it only really happens when someone has an illness”. I seriously thought Kai was going to fall off his chair. Instead it gave her a goofy look and pointed both of his hands at me. My only thought at that point was “why in the hell do you think I’m seeing you?”. *sigh*

So Kai brought up several issues with pain and sensations and it just seem to go in one ear and out the other. She finally albeit reluctantly gave me an Rx for 28 Vicodin. But I had to take a urine analysis to make sure I wasn’t abusing drugs. And I have to see her in 4 weeks again for I don’t even know what. I just feel like she doesn’t believe me. She treats me like I’m a crazy hypochondriac and I’m beyond frustrated. It gives me no hope for seeing another doctor there. She’s not putting two and two together at all. My bloodsugar was normal before the Gabapentin, I go on it and my bloodsugar is magically staying above 200, she doubles the dose and now it’s staying between 250 and as high as 488 so far. I’m having no kidney trouble, she starts me on metformin and my kidneys magically start to hurt. Ugh.

Oh look I’m really annoyed and stressed and frustrated AND MY HEART ISN’T FREAKING OUT. -.- However it did start going crazy when I got up to go help Fumiko go potty. I think I probably forgot some stuff, but I’m not sure. Overall the extra cost of the medications caught me off-guard, but it wasn’t a huge ordeal, visit with the doctor was really disappointing and stressful. I hope that the doctor I see on the 29th will listen to me and actually work with me.

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  • The medical system there just makes me so angry. It sucks that anyone essentially gets denied proper medical care because of money, or lack thereof :(

    I see someone else suggested POTS, which is pretty much what I was thinking. Can you get hold of a portable blood pressure monitor to check what happens when you have the palpitations blood pressure wise? Another thing could be anaemia, which I’m sure has already been checked out.

    I hate that you have to live with any of this :(

  • Jessica

    I hate to come in here with news that isn’t positive. I’m a type two diabetic who was on Metformin for a number of years. ( I eventually lost pancreatic function due to another illness and I’ve since been switched to insulin therapy ) When I was admitted to the hospital for a seriously life threatening condition, they did a full body scan in order to discern the cause of my illness.

    On the scan, spots showed up on my kidneys. I was told that it could have been caused by the extended use of Metformin. If you’re presenting with type two, is it an insulin resistance, or are the meds doing something else to your system? I’ve found that a lot of doctors tend to find a solution they like and ignore another possibility.

    • Hi there! I’ve had low bloodsugar all my life. My bloodsugar had been in the normal range until they put me on Gabapentin. It suddenly shot up to around 200 and then they doubled my Gabapentin and that caused it to go up even more. So now it stays between 250 and 350 but off and on goes up to almost 500. So they put me on the metformin to lower it, however it hasn’t been able to bring it below 200 and usually stays around 250 and that’s with taking double the amount she told me to take.

  • God hun… I’m so sorry you’re feeling like this.
    I know what it’s like with the pins and needles sensations- I get them often just because my leg/butt/back feels like it, or after my hip gives out, I fall and I’m stuck on the floor a few minutes until feeling returns to my leg/butt/lower back. Instead of the Gab, have you talked about possibly taking something else? That shit is so bad… I’m sorry- but I’ll never take it again after what happened to me. Have you tried any fibro-medications? It’s helped me with the nerve pain and other problems I’ve been having, I don’t know if it would maybe help for you too? The pain never goes “away”, but it’s lessened and I’m not a zombie like I was on the Gab. The things I thought and wanted to do on Gab has scared me away from that medication for good- I don’t care if my life depended on it, I’ll never touch it again.

    I feel so bad you (and I, and others) have days like this, and these awful problems. But… There is a light at the end of the tunnel! Some days it’s just really hard to see.

    Your doctor sounds like a quack… Instead of a neurologist, have you considered finding a DO? Mine’s an osteopath, and he’s been absolutely wonderful- sometimes I don’t even know bones other than in my lower back are “outta whack” and he has the magic touch… Sometimes it’s bones mid-back or neck, and poof- there goes a headache, a knot in my shoulders, pain in my neck. If there’s anything I can do to help you, let me know.
    *hugs* <3

    • My only options right now are the NARA clinic and all they have is general practitioners. :( Kai’s insurance only covers a portion of the visits and procedures and we can’t afford to cover the rest. NARA doesn’t charge me except for some of my medications. Otherwise I would gladly find someone else.

      Thanks for the support, I know you understand at least what it’s like. :(

  • i love how some doctors think they can diagnose without any tests or actual proof of anything :/ Sorry you had such a bad experience…I hope the next doctor is lots better!!

    • =.= I wish she actually ran tests. I was told by someone else who has had tons of labs done that she hasn’t even run the basic tests on me to rule anything out. That was upsetting to hear.

  • I’ve only just come across you blog and I’m “enjoying” (for the want of a better word) reading it. But this post just made me want to give you a hug.

    I really hate it when Dr’s don’t listen to people. Had some issues with them myself and it’s like what you want me to be at deaths door before you will even listen to me?

    Anyway I hope the next time she will listen and helps you! It’s not your fault that you are ill! Just stupid DRs who don’t have the time to listen or care :x

    take care
    Claire <3

    • I hope you enjoy my blog! I try not to make too many of these posts, but sometimes you just have to. =.= I’ve had way too many doctors that don’t listen to me. I’m really hoping the next one will.

      • I totally undedrstand! It’ Something happend to me a few years back where my throat had swollen to the point i couldn’t swollow and drs kept giving me things to swallow and ended up in hospital for 4 days on a drip!

        I know it’s not exactlly the same but I can understand the fustration and I’m suprised how calm you and your husband stay. I think i’d be smashing up the Drs office and yelling at her that I know what I feel it’s my body just give me the test and prove me wrong!

  • it’s frustrating when doctors won’t listen to you and think they know everything. if a client complains something, run some test to confirm it or ‘see, i told you it’s not so!’ i hope the next doctor you see will be able to help you.

    • You would think they would rather be safe than sorry. :(

  • I’m only going to give you some links and food for thought. These are the two syndromes my Father is battling and the symptoms you describe sound somewhat similar. It took a 10 day trip to the Mayo Clinic to get answers for him after 4 years of suffering and being treated like he was crazy. I hope that these might be of some help to you. Just know you aren’t alone in being mistreated by doctors who aren’t willing to accept that sometimes they might need to crack open a book and delve a little deeper.

    You heart issues remind me of this:

    The diabetes that can’t be controlled along with muscles weirdness reminds me of this:

    You are, as always, in my thoughts Manda. <3

    • the pots sounds familiar, but some of it doesn’t. :( The other one doesn’t sound like me at all. Thank you for the links though! I’m going to bring up the pots at my next visit and see what they say.

  • Shea

    As a Type 1 diabetic, your kidney pain sounds to me like a kidney infection. They’re godawful and morphine doesn’t help me with the pain. It’s probably from your blood sugar being so high. If my blood sugars go over 150 for extended periods I can get them, as even that little bit over normal is enough to feed bacteria.
    But that’ all on an assumption, it may be something totally different. I can relate to the pain though!
    I’m sorry you’re going through that, I know it hurts like a B*TCH! and it sucks. I hope you get to feeling better!

    • See that’s what I was worried about. Was getting a kidney infection and having it get out of hand. :( They had me pee in a cup and checked it and she said there was no blood in it which would signify a kidney infection, and then said I didn’t have a kidney infection.

      • Shea

        “Blood” blood, or white blood cells? Probably a stupid question. >.<
        Excess white blood cells was how they figured mine out. In the span of a month I had 5 infections. I was beyond miserable, with all of the fevers and sick that went with them.
        I hope y'all figure it out soon!

  • Amanda

    I can’t imagine how frustrating this all must be for you! Know that my thoughts and prayers are with you, and my fingers are crossed for the new doctor to ACTUALLY listen to you, so that you can begin to feel better!

    • Thanks! Counting the days until the 29th. :)

  • MissMidnightBlue

    Awww I’m so sorry you have to go through this crap, I guess some doctors just don’t care, which they should. I mean really isn’t it the reason why they went it to that field after all? *sending you lots of hugs* I hope you feel better soon.

    • I’ll never understand why people go into this field who don’t care. You kind of have to, to be a good doctor.