Today I’m Tired

Really, really tired. The pain pills are nice, but I’m doing too much and once they wear off I feel dead. Considering I only have enough for bedtime for 28 days, or throughout the day for 14 days or less, yeah. It seems like my day was a heck of a lot busier than it really was. I took Kai to work, then ended up going to Fred Meyer to get some kale and fruit. My mom made vegetable soup for me. It’s delicious. It has kale, sweet potato, celery, green bell pepper, carrot, and onion in it. Nom, nom, nom. I only wish it had some little white beans and okra. Mmmm.

I worked on labels for Andrea of My Pretty Zombie and Susan of Darling Girl Cosmetics in between. Doing bottom jar labels for Andrea, and I did solid lotion bar and overall body balm labels for Susan. I likes them. I picked Kai up from work at 6pm and went to pick up some raw honey, then stopped at the salvation army to look for a decent dresser, then went to walmart because my mom wanted me to look for something which I can’t remember at the moment. Though while at Walmart there were a couple of ladies arguing about diet stuff, and arguing quite loudly. They were going back and forth on whether or not to buy some walmart thing or sensa weight loss. I think I may live under a rock. I’ve not heard of sensa yet.

Anyways. We had some vegetable soup and beef for dinner. I had a mini moscato wine bottle and I feel like I’ve had an entire normal bottle. Holy cow. Everything has worn off so I’m exhausted and really sore. My head is killing me. I thought a little bit of wine might help me relax, however it’s just made my headache worse. Guess I’ll go another few months without alcohol.

Anyways, here are the labels I did for Susan.

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  • :( I’m sorry hun… I hope you feel better. This sucks. Even not doing much of anything saps energy and makes it feel like the gas tank is on empty.
    I have to dose my val carefully each night, and I make it last even though I want to take a full pill. My doc wants me to take a full 10mg at bed, but I don’t like being “dead to the world” asleep, and I usually am out till noon no matter what time I go to bed. (sighs) If I don’t take it at all, I don’t sleep at all. No matter if I’m up a full 24 or 48 hours, and if I go longer than that I’m a mess that still doesn’t sleep but I start hallucinating. Not fun at all. So I take the stupid pill.

    On a side note- the labels are so pretty :)

    • Yeah I’ve found that I was tired to the point that I couldn’t hardly keep my eyes open until after lunch. But I slept all night long. If I don’t take it I’m literally up every 20-30 minutes from pain having to turn over, and the cycle just repeats. Some nights I can’t even get back to sleep before I start hurting again and have to switch positions.

  • Nice, I wish I was techy so I could do cool things on the computer. I have never had moscato wine, well I did have watermelon that was soaked in it once. I hope you feel better sweetie.