It’s Sunday and I’m getting caught up!

I’m almost caught up on labels I need to make! Just two more! I also went through and edited my photos for Troika Organics so I should have that post up by the end of the day. I also edited my photos from my OHWTO order from uh awhile ago. So I should hopefully have that up too. Now all I have left is um lots of eyeshadow and lip swatches. I completely forgot what I wrote about yesterday, so I suppose I’ll avoid telling you about my red basil plant and the vegetable soup again. xd

So I had a little bottle of the moscato wine last night. It’s the first time I’ve had alcohol in months. Holy crap. I felt like I drank an entire normal bottle of wine. t.t In the process I thought I found Kinon’s tan towel that has been missing for well over a month now. However it was my mom’s and not his. Poop. It’s really bugging me that we can’t find it. It can’t just vanish into thin air! It’s clearly a magic towel…

Also! Have a little sneaky peek of the new collection that Andrea from My Pretty Zombie made! She’s sending me a set to keep and one to giveaway! :d So behold! I present to you Husbandry Afflictions: Anthrax, Hoof In Mouth and Mad Cow! hehehehehe <3

And now I leave you with crappy phone pictures of lazycat, and my red basil. :d

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  • Sushicat is SO adorable! :HEART:
    They tattoo them now too?! Why?!

    And those MPZ colors…. *drool* :LAUGH:

    • I totally didn’t know either. She said they tattoo them because they’ve had an increase in vets opening up female cats to spay them only find out they’re already spayed. So they put a little tattoo on so anyone who shaves that area can see the cat is already spayed.

      • That’s actually a really good idea…
        It’s these little things you can think up that will make someone MILLIONS… So in your face Captain Obvious… But someone else *always* figures it out first. Gah!

  • Oh wow Anthrax is just stunning! The other two colours are lovely too. And your kitty is so so sweet!

    • They’re all pretty and I can’t wait to swatch them. :d Sushi has been a vicious little beast! Though she’s been sweeter since getting spayed. Hopefully it continues. :)

  • Daintynymph

    OMG Anthrax! I think this might be what finally makes me order from MPZ.

    • *gasp* you haven’t tried the mNg trio yet? They’re so pretty that’s what these three are based off of. :d

      • Daintynymph

        I haven’t bought anything from MPZ yet. I was never big on the Zombie craze, so even though the colors were pretty, I never got around to it.

        • I guess I just don’t understand why people can’t look past the zombie thing. It was pretty easy for me and I don’t do well with blood and gore.

          • Daintynymph

            I don’t wear, have, or buy that much makeup, so it’s easier for me to not splurge. So far I’ve only bought from three mineral makeup companies, even though I have several bookmarked. Because I don’t wear makeup very often (mostly for playing), I really prefer to buy samples because that lasts me for a long time anyway. No samples means a slightly less chance of me bothering to order.

  • OMG KITTEH ^___^

    Mad Cow and Anthrax look awesome.

    Also, if you have a magic towel then I think I have a pair of magic tweezers :( they always go walkabout

    • I’m digging all three! I can’t wait to get them in my paws.

      haha I’m always losing my cheap tweezers! I have a set of nice ones that are in a little plastic holder that I never misplace,the cheap ones however end up everywhere and I have no idea how.

  • Lovely colors! And SWEEEEET little kitty :d

    • Hopefully she’ll be sweet now! ;) She’s been acting nicer since she was spayed, so here’s to hoping it continues.

  • Andrea

    I liked hoof of mouth very much :CAT: . Btw hope u are doing better.

    • It’s a pretty one. :)

  • Cheryl

    O.M.G!!! I can’t wait for those new MPZ oolours to come out :d They’re all gorgeous but I heart Anthrax!

    • I can’t wait to get them and swatch them. :d Andrea says they’re even prettier in person.