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So awhile ago Dawn from Troika Organics offered to send me some of her products to try including her deodorant that she had started making. I received some goodies on June 4th and was pleasantly surprised! She sent me a bottle of after shower oil, lip candy lip scrub, sugar scrub, deodorant and a sample container of sugar scrub in another scent. The after shower oil was scented with Candied Cotton a fruity blend of cotton candy, caramel, vanilla, stawberry, fig leaf, plums, mandarin, lemon drops and raspberry, ending with soft musk and woods at the base. The deodorant was scented with Dark Mist a A warm, refreshing, misty tropical rain scent. The full size scrub was scented with Carnival Candy Apples – juicy, plump, dripping red candy apples, my favorite scent of the bunch! And the mini scrub was scented with Sweet Thing – lemon sugar cupcakes! The lip candy lip scrub is unscented. I’ve ordered a bottle of lotion from her to try so I can do a full review, but I just want to gush about the deodorant for a moment. Some of you know what I’ve been through trying to find an all natural deodorant. Literally every natural deodorant I’ve tried both commercial and indie have made my underarms completely raw and they also break out in hives/bleeding sores, most times in under three hours. I literally have scars under my arms. :( Going without deodorant isn’t an option because by the end of the day my underarms are raw and sore. I’ve tried to switch over to all natural, well, everything due to my lyme disease. Most chemicals just aren’t tolerated by my body. I’m still amazing I can use nail polish and my hair hasn’t fallen out from bleaching it.

When I received the deodorant I can honestly say I wasn’t looking forward to trying it. I figured it would be like all the rest. So that night I showered and hesitantly put it on. To my surprise, hours later, my underarms weren’t even slightly red, let a lone raw. I was shocked and thrilled. I’ve been wearing it since with no issues and it’s actually made my underarms lighter, the scars themselves are even getting lighter! This is a holy grail item for me and I’m super happy about it. The only time I had an issue was when I shaved my underarms and put it on immediately after my shower. Oops. I forgot it had baking soda in it. Holy crap that burned. Lesson learned very quick. I’d also like to add that I don’t have to apply this deodorant EVERY day. I can actually go a couple of days without applying it. No stink, no issues! It’s freaking awesome.

The lip scrub is really awesome. It’s kind of a butter with sugar in it. I only wish it were flavored as the beeswax scent is a little overpowering, but it’s just a personal preference. It works great and feels awesome on the lips. The sugar scrubs have been wonderful. Normally after I use a sugar scrub I still have to apply some sort of moisturizer, however I haven’t had to with these. The sugar scrubs aren’t very abrasive either, they’re made with fine sugar instead of coarse sugar so you don’t have to worry about too much scrub! I’ve been using the after shower oil in a few different ways. The candied cotton scent smells lovely by the way. I’ve used it as an after shower oil all over my body, as a face moisturizer and I’ve added some to my bath. It’s been awesome for all three uses. I actually put it in Fumiko’s bath today and she loved it! It’s super moisturizing and soaks into the skin well.

All of her products that I’ve had the pleasure of trying are awesome, I can’t wait to try her lotion and am excited about writing an official review. I definitely recommend her products! Also Carnival Candy Apples is one of the most delicious apple scents I’ve ever smelled, I ordered my lotion in this scent. Dark Mist is also amazing and delicious, and well dark. Love it! Onto the pictures!

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  • I just wanted to say, I’ve never thought of that: I’ve been using mostly natural products now for a year or so, mostly because it’s the only way I can be sure most of the things I put on and in my body are vegan. But I never would have connected the skin and body issues and natural products with my Lyme disease. I half-figured my food intolerance issues were due to the Lyme, but I never used to consider that what went ON my body still had an impact on how I felt and processed it.

    Just another piece of the puzzle falling into place, I guess!

    • Honestly the only reason I stopped to think about it was because my shampoo and conditioner started causing a rash and bleeding sores on my scalp. Then my toothpaste started making the skin inside my mouth peel off and then blisters and sores started happening. :( I was kind of forced to change the things I use. Though I’ve found some great things that work for me so it’s not so bad. They’re more expensive but they actually last longer, so in the long run it comes out pretty even.

      • The exact same thing was happening to me before making the leap. Between the offending products, my doctor and I deduced it was a nasty sulfate intolerance. It took about a month for everything to clear up.

  • I love the idea of that deodorant, but the shipping is $5, making the whole thing $10 … I can’t do that :SICK: oh well

    • $10 is well worth the price for me to not have to deal with chemicals or raw pits. haha

  • Yay!

    A happy day! And I’m sure your pits are thanking you :d
    *does a happy dance for you, in my head of course!*

    • haha I’m sure they’re glad I won’t be trying any others and making them raw!

      • Hear, hear!

        or is it…

        Here’ here!

        Meh. Pick one and go with it ;) LOL

  • Amanda

    Oh my! I am so excited about this deodorant!!! I’m allergic to most deodorants/anti-persperants that you can buy at the store (I understand the painful armpits! :SAD: ), and I have literally been searching for something that is natural, (but works) for years! I definitely have to try it out!!!

    • I’ve been trying to find something for years as well. I’ve literally tried every commercial and indie deodorant I can get my hands on! The only commercial deodorant I’ve been able to use is from dove. So I’m so happy to have something that isn’t full of chemicals.