I keep forgetting to edit the photos for the brush cleaning post I’ve had planned. Oops. Hopefully I’ll get to them this week. I suppose I’ll try to edit the photos today so they’re ready when I get the itch to make the post. This is going to be a very random post. Just sayin’. I painted my nails with wetnwild Blue Wants To Be a Millionaire two nights ago. I was too tired to clean the edges with acetone, so I’m going to try to finally get to that today.

Also did you see the lipstick poll below? Go vote so I know which lipstick to get for the giveaway! :d So Payu2blog gave me a link that I thought would be difficult to implement in a blog post. So I mentioned it on twitter and @utpian replies with “”I dislike this makeup palette so much, I could see myself using a rifle scopes to destroy it.” JK” hahaha Which wouldn’t actually be that hard to do because unlike most people I hate the sleek acid palette. I’m not a fan of neons, mostly because they hurt my eyes. My eyes water badly when I look at neon things. It’s just to bright for my poor peepers. Fortunately for me, sadly for other people the dyes they use aren’t FDA approved here, so they won’t ship to US residents.

I suppose I should get started on all those photos…

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  • I just LOL’d because you just used the sentence I said. Hahaha so classic :d