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EDIT Yay! Jenna has her Stormy look up! Go see! /EDIT

So Jenna and I decided to do a collaboration. Snarky and Makeup Zombie are having too much fun with it! Jenna suggested 80’s cartoons and then Rainbow Brite, who am I to disagree? xd She’s doing her look inspired by Stormy and I’ve done mine inspired by Tickled Pink! Soon as Jenna gets her look up I’ll add it to my post. :d So onto the look!

Also if you haven’t already, you must go check out the blush that Susan from Darling Girl cosmetics made me. It’s called Pink No Corisu after one of Sanrio’s less popular but still adorable characters. It’s a super bright pink with gold shimmer. Love it. Oh it’s made in her sweet cheek cream base which is awesome. It blends really well and is easy to build up if you want doll cheeks. xd

Also I LOVE Sugarpill. Seriously Decora is gorgeous! It’s this pretty pink with flecks of different colors that just sparkle so pretty. I also love Lumi and Magpie. Lumi is a gorgeous highlight and inner corner color. I think Magpie is going to be my signature black liner instead of my normal black. It’s so pretty.

So uh in the process of making this look I spilled four of my shadows all over the floor. t.t I got up to go to the bathroom and tripped over my keyboard cord which in turn knocked my open shadows onto the floor and my drink all over the table. It was a colorful, wet mess. I thought I broke my keyboard too. t.t But my poor Decora is gone, as is Miasma, Moist and Roxie from My Pretty Zombie. *le sigh* I just got Decora too. The laptop I am currently using has no key pad, so I’ve been using the keyboard from my desktop. The cord is usually under the coffee table but either I forgot to move it under, or it somehow got pulled out. >.<

Benefit Cosmetics the POREfessional

Darling Girl Cosmetics Sweet Cheeks Blush Pink No Corisu
My Pretty Zombie Miasma
Sugarpill Decora

My Pretty Zombie My Pretty Zombie

Concrete Minerals Electric Eye Primer
My Pretty Zombie Miasma
My Pretty Zombie Moist
My Pretty Zombie Roxie
My Pretty Zombie no. 996
Sugarpill Decora
Sugarpill Lumi
Sugarpill Magpie

Milani Lip flash Flashy #06



I did eye shots for Anthrax and Hoof and Mouth today so I thought I’d share. They really are pretty colors! <3 My Pretty Zombie. Oops I forgot to say I used CoffinCritters as well as liner on my upper lid.

And also just because of

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