Swatches: My Pretty Zombie: Husbandry Afflictions!

purchased by me

Okay. I’m in love with this trio. It beats the pants off of the mNg trio. For serious. Love, love, love it! Andrea outdid herself here. And of course Anthrax is my favorite of the trio… And not just because I suggested the name to Andrea, it’s freaking amazing! Because Andrea is the awesomest person ever that she is, she sent me a set for myself AND a set to give away. ;) One lucky person will be able to win them along with some other goodies in my 100 follower giveaway which I’ll be posting as soon as I get the lippies from Morgana Cryptoria! So uh once my giveaway is over you all need to get your butts over to My Pretty Zombie and order these! You won’t be sorry. Seriously these photos do them no justice, they’re 10 times more beautiful in person.

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  • OMG, they are all wonderful, but Anthrax is GORGEOUS!!!  Thanks for sharing the swatches, I can feel my wallet emptying already!  I have a serious eye shadow addiction, I think I need help!  lol  :CAT:

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  • Holy crap, those are awesome colours!

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  • MissMidnightBlue

    anthrax is indeed HOT!! Loves it. :)

  • These shadows are so gorgeous! I really need to order from her!

  • Wow, those are gorgeous! I need to check this out :d

  • *wipes drool from mouth*

    Well, my precious-es!

  • Want that Mad Cow shadow. NOW. :d

  • Ooooh yay giveaways! These colors look awesome <3

  • Seriously, Andrea can do no wrong!

  • Ahhh they’re so so pretty!

  • Anthrax is just… wow! I was cursing with lust while staring at it! So pretty!

  • Rebecca

    So pretty! I have yet to place an order with her, but this may give me the kick in the pants I need! :HK:

    • Awww you must! You are missing out. Her shadows are gorgeous! I’ve never been disappointed with any. :d

  • NO! >:-( WHY DID YOU POST THESE TODAY AND NOT YESTERDAY?! July is my no buying makeup month… *softly weeps* Hopefully they will still be around in August & are not limited edition…?

    • They aren’t available yet from her shop. ;) Not until after my contest ends! They are also not limited edition so they will definitely be available in August. :)

      • Excellent! That makes it less painful, to know they are not even available yet. It will help me as I struggle to get through this month! ;-)

  • *drrroooooooooooooooooool*

    Agh, that’s lovely! I’ve loved every shadow I’ve tried of hers, so I’m not surprised. <3

    • She’s topped herself with these. :d I’ve never been disappointed with any of her shadows though so I was bound to love them.