New hair and a new hole

I got the other side of my nose pierced the other day, which I’m sure you’ll notice as it’s a little swollen and obviously not healed yet. Love it. :d Can’t wait for it to heal so I can get new jewelry. The jewelry that was put in was a little small plus they aren’t bezel so the gem is just glued in. I don’t trust them so I’m going to get a couple of bezel set nosescrews at some point after it’s healed. And I dyed my hair today. Red, with a pink chunk and purple underneath. :d I love it.

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  • MissMidnightBlue

    Pretty hairs! :d

  • Angela

    I love it! Such a gorgeous color combination ^.^

  • Those haircolors together are wonderful!

  • Cheryl

    I’m lovin that purple underneath! Looks great :) And the piercing looks good – hope it heals soon! It took forever for mine to heal and I got a keloid scar…but tea tree oil did the trick :)

    don’t you hate it when the studs snag :S Are you going to keep the it in after it heals? or do you wear nose rings too?

    • Thanks! I actually personally despise nose rings. haha I don’t mind them on others, but I could never wear one myself. Once it heals I’m definitely switching to a different nosescrew. These are bugging me. The gem area is much smaller than the one I had before.

  • Your hair looks amazing! Hope your nose heals soon :)

    • Thanks! me too! haha I almost ripped it out drying off my face yesterday. t.t

  • i like your new hair. i wish i can carry red / pink hair.

    • thanks. I’m really liking it. :)

  • Oh, Manda I love the new hair!! That purple is incredible ;D

    • Thanks! It’s wild flower from special effects.

  • Yay! I love new piercings :) Well actually, I love piercings and I love them being healed. healing up sucks.

    • Yeah sometimes my nose feels fine, and then other times it hurts pretty bad. I’ll be glad when it’s healed. >.<

  • Rebecca

    Very cute! :HK: