Random list! #2?

Random kind of bullet list! Woo! ]

  1. Fumiko wore her vampire teeth that Andrea sent to the store today. Go head click on the link, you know you want to see the vampire cuteness! She lost them. The rest of the car trip was filled with me trying to convince her that she didn’t actually need the vampire teeth and her saying things like “but maaaaaamaaaa I need be baaaaampiiiiiireeeeeeee *sniffle* *sob*” Am I an awful mom for finding the whole thing funny? haha
  2. You all should read and sign the petition to Oppose H.R. 2359: Safe Cosmetics Act of 2011. Help indie companies!
  3. Then you should read and sign the petition to establish Caylee’s Law.
  4. Next you should totally enter my 100 GFC followrs giveaway! It has 152 entries so far! Yikes!
  5. Lastly I received a random email for Howard medical cart. Anyone need medical carts? xd

I guess it was a really short list. It seemed longer in my head!
Now I must go pick up Kai.

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  • Adorable :)

    I don’t think I can sign those petitions because I’m in Canada, but I support them!

  • AWWWW. Vampire teeth. <3