Swatches: My Pretty Zombie Murder, Scurvy, Miasma, no. 996, Somnambulant, 13 Gypsies, New Bruise & Grimdeva

press sample

Andrea from My Pretty Zombie sent me an awesome care package of eyeshadow including her new ones Miasma and no. 996, and random teeth/severed fingers for Sascha and Fumiko. Miasma is super pretty! It’s this gorgeous buttercup yellow duochrome that shifts to pink. I couldn’t get a good photo of it. :( Am sad. Oh well. No. 996 is a gorgeous shimmery blue! Honestly though out of the bunch Grimdeva is my absolute favorite. It’s an older color that hasn’t been up in the shop because I believe Andrea was out of ingredients to make it. I’m so glad it’s back. It’s GORGEOUS and I love it. I think it is now one of, if not my favorite purple. I luff eet. :LOVE: ALSO! 13 Gypsies is beautiful. It’s like this amazing antique gold color and I don’t even like gold.

Sascha and Fumiko loved the teeth. Fumiko picked out the strangest pair and Sascha decided it would be awesome to wear multiple pairs. Miss Fumiko is happy to have her vampire teeth back. She had a meltdown in the car the other day after she wore her vampire teeth to the store and somehow lost them. She didn’t realize until we got into the car that they were gone. haha I tried to convince her it was okay and she didn’t need the vampire teeth but between sobs she kept saying things like “but maaaamaaaa I neeed be bampiiiiiiiiire.” hahaha

Please forgive the “dirty” fingers and chipped to hell nails. I didn’t realize how much and how many different shades of shadow I’d gotten on my fingers after messing around with MPZ and Hi-Fi shadows until after I uploaded these to edit. By then the sun was gone. So I said screw it. I also haven’t been feeling well and haven’t done anything with my nails in well over a week. Oh don’t forget to vote in the Beauty Blog Awards. Both My Pretty Zombie and I have been nominated!

Swatched over Concrete Minerals Electric Eye Primer – Foiling done with Sundara Cosmetics Foiling Medium.

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  • Holy balls, every single one of these is gorgeous and looks so intense!

  • Wooooo Somnambulant! <3

    You do the best swatches.

  • Rebecca

    Wow! Those colors are seriously amazing! So pretty! :HK:

  • these colors are so bright and beautiful!

  • Daintynymph

    OMG she has samples now! Once I’m moved into my new place and have no more address worries I am absolutely placing an order.

  • ki.

    13 gypsies is so beautiful :)

  • Nice swatches.

  • Your pictures are always so beautiful ;-;

  • hahahah this morning I was like “I am not going to buy anythign else for ages” then I saw this post and had to get that purple and turquoise! hahahaha thanks for the great watch photos! :)

  • :HBEAT: OMGEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE I like squealed when i saw these swatches i neeeeeed to go pick up these colors like right now lol! Andreas shadows are seriously the best darn thing :HEART: ^.~

    • Shhh don’t tell anyone, but I agree!