Funny things Fumiko has said this week…

Fumiko has been coming up with some good things this week!

  1. On the way to pick Kai up from work the other day a truck with a long horse trailer pulled up next to us. You could see this lovely white/gray horse from one of the windows on the horse trailer. Fumiko squeeled and mumbled something about the horse, I said “did you see the horse?” and she responds “Yes! Horse go shopping and get hair cut!” Uh, what? lol I told her I didn’t think the horse was going to do that.
  2. Later after we picked Kai up from work we had to stop at Walgreen’s to pick up one of my medications and then went to Fred Meyer to get some apples and cottage cheese for my mom. While we were leaving the parking lot a fire truck pulled in front of us. Fumiko says “what’s that truck?!”, Kai and I told her it was a fire truck. She then says “Fire truck saves world houses?” haha Kai says “yes, fire trucks save the worlds houses from fires.” Then she says “fire truck bring a band aid for Miko’s finger boo boo?”, Kai says “Yes, fire truck brings a band aid for Fumiko’s finger…. if it were chopped off.” lol So then she says “Fire truck bring Miko a hello kitty band aid?” hahahaha Then Kai started talking about how the fire truck should just be hello kitty themed and I said Hello Kitty saves lives… in Japan. Then he reminded me she also prevents pregnancy in Japan. hehehehe
  3. So today we went to Fred Meyer to get toilet paper. I have three hello kitty re-usable shopping bags of awesome. Seriously, they’re awesome. So we brought one, I’m not sure why since we were just getting toilet paper, but anyways! Fumiko likes to carry the bags. Last time Sascha carried one and Fumiko carried one, this time Fumiko carried it as it’s her job! So we get inside the store and Kai offered to take the bag from Fumiko, she says “I can do it myself!”. It was hilarious because she sounded genuinely offended that Kai would offer to take the bag. She’s never said that before. It still makes me laugh.

And this week most of Sascha’s conversations can be summed up by saying Pokemon and Plants vs. Zombies. xd Also, NO you cannot breed two ditto’s and they will not make a super ditto. But in all seriousness I forgot how much Sascha talks. Kai gave him his DS since Sascha’s bit the dust recently. So he’s been playing his old Pokemon Pearl cartridge. Kai and I use to play Pokemon pretty religiously, but I haven’t played for a couple of years and with all my neurological issues I’ve completely forgotten how to play, or at least most of the features of the game. I’ve spent quite a bit of time on Psypoke’s Psydex looking up info for Sascha, breeding him pokemon, catching him pokemon, and trading him pokemon. Who knew I would be up to my ears in pokemon!

Kai took a week off of work so we could take the kids to the coast and to the aquarium and so he’d have a solid chunk of time to spend with Sascha before he goes home. So next week we shall be going to the coast! Hooray! It’ll be Fumiko’s first time to both, and hopefully a trip to the zoo as well. Neither Sascha or Fumiko have been to the zoo here. Fair warning, if all goes as planned and we do both I’ll probably be out of commission for at least a week after, and I probably won’t be on much the next few days so I can try to rest in advance. Oh, the joys of lyme. :ANGRY: That is all except for does adapexin work or has anyone heard anything about it? I was asked about it earlier and I hadn’t ever heard of it. Informations please!

Also dinner has appeared to make me horribly sick tonight. :( Kai made fish and chips. It was his first time frying anything. He did a good job, the fish was tasty, the fries, not so much. :( Thank goodness for the Fry Baby though. I want another one!

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  • JC

    Haha! I remember when you were posting about the silly things Sascha used to say! Fumiko must be going through that same stage.

    I’d love to see photos of your trip to the coast! I wanted to go to the aquarium over there a while back but I never got the chance to. :(

  • I hope you have a wonderful time on your vacation… And also that it won’t take *too* much out of you.
    I was thinking the other day about bad joints- and I know you have such pain in yours… Have you tried glucosamine? I’ve heard it works for some people, but I’m not sure about it helping with those who have Lyme. It was an odd thought that I managed to hold on to before it went *POOF* and disappeared out of my head.

    I’m looking forward to seeing some pictures of your travels though :d