Hey look, it’s not a long post

That’s right, it should be rather short. I’m starting to feel better. At least I’m not throwing every blessed thing I eat or drink up. I’ve been able to keep down some food and still watered down juices. I think it was the Naproxen that was making me sick. After looking it up again it finally sunk in that it was generic Extra Strength Midol/Aleve which I can’t use because they make me vomit horribly. Since I’ve stopped taking the Naproxen I’ve been able to actually keep things down.

Thank the universe, seriously I was going crazy. My body still aches like a mofo, it’s super tender to the touch and the numbness/pins & needles have become much worse. My migraines or I guess I should say migraine is getting worse, and the light nearly blinds me and causes my migraine to hurt more. My right ear is killing me, it feels like someone is stabbing me in the ear and yesterday for whatever reason the top right-ish side of my head became really hot and tender, even to comb my hair puts me in tears. I have no idea what happened, I don’t remember hitting my head, but it sure does hurt.

I have another appointment with the chiropractor which I’m not looking forward to since everything hurts so bad already. t.t Then tomorrow I go see my new doctor again, hopefully things will get sorted out and she’ll either put me back on my gabapentin or have something else to replace it. It’s pretty obvious by now that my pain stems from nerve issues since the vicodin did nothing.

On that note, I know of many, seriously, there are a lot of pregnant people out there right now and I know of a few that just recently gave birth, so you all should go check out baby shower invitations since I know there are a few of you that are planning baby showers and were asking for suggestions. :d

Oh is anyone else having issues with blogger/gfc? I can’t see most of the blogs I follow on blogspot and blogger won’t load at all for me. The last few days I’ve also noticed my gfc thinger is missing again as well.

Now I shall go attempt to actually get dressed. t.t

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  • Well I’m glad the vomiting has died down and you’re getting some kind of nourishment. I’d hug ya if I didn’t think it would hurt you so much :SICK: Hope things will be looking up after the doctor visit…

    Much aloha to you, even without the hugs!

  • I’m relieved you’re feeling at least a little better… By way of being able to keep food down. Pain wise- I’ve been similar to you the past two days. Rain sucks.

    Chin up :) You’ll get through this- and I hope your doc can help you tomorrow. It’s a shame we can’t give meds- I have two brand new bottles of gab sitting here from when I was on them a year ago :/

    I’m sending good thoughts and luck your way for tomorrow!

    • Ugh I would gladly take them off your hands if I could. >.< Hoping she’ll put me back on tomorrow. :(

  • Oh gosh… I read this and everything sounds so painful. I hope it goes away quickly so you can recover from all you are going through. :-(

  • Rebecca

    Hope your new doc actually listens to you and can help you. :HK:

  • Yikes, none of that sounds pleasant at all! I hope you continue to get better, my friend. :(

  • awe im glad your doing somewhat better girlie :) Ill be wishing you the best for your upcoming appt. (((HUGS)))