I’m alive

I won’t say I’m feeling much better, but I am definitely feeling better. My doctors visit on Wednesday was wonderful. My doctor actually went over to the pharmacy and got me a Gabapentin to take after I told her what had been happening. It was a great visit I shared a lot with her, she is definitely willing to work with me. They took six vials of blood for tests. She thinks I have a co-infection and is hoping my blood work will giver her some idea of where to start since she isn’t familiar with Lyme. I’m just thrilled that she’s willing to try to help me. If I haven’t said before, my doctor is somewhat of a hippie/new age/whatever works let’s do it kind of doctor. She said I was a faerie incarnate and told me to get back into what makes me truly happy. Which I’m going to do. And I won’t lie her telling me I was a faerie incarnate made me warm and fuzzy inside. xd I want to plaster our walls with crystals and told her as much.

She told me to do it. When my mom moved in with us I kind of set my beliefs and passions for spiritual things aside because I couldn’t deal with the comments from my mom. She isn’t able, or at least wasn’t able, I don’t know anymore, to let me believe what I believe. So it was just easier to set it aside than listen to the backhanded comments. I only recently started to kind of get back into it. I pulled my crystals and pendulum out and put what few crystals I had left around my bed. I’m at the point where, I’m willing to do whatever is going to help me and I miss that part of me. So don’t be surprised when you see random posts about crystals, or various other “strange” things, because they’re normal to me. hehe It’s was funny though.

The day before I saw Dr. Bobby our chiropractor. He at one point called me and indigo child, which my doctor also did on Wednesday. My chiro also told me at one point that I needed to go play with the faeries. I’m still not quite sure if he was serious or not. haha I’ve got crazies trying to help my crazies yo! I wouldn’t have it any other way. :d

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  • Rebecca

    I am so glad that you found someone who will listen to and work with you. I have a doctor who is the same way and wouldn’t give her up for anything; she hasn’t told me I’m a faerie incarnate though. That’s so cool though! And by all means, pull out the crystals and such! I’m a big believer in spirituality (although not so much organized religion) and nature and the power of things that we don’t necessarily understand. And being able to be yourself is always a positive. Good luck with your new doc; it sounds promising! :HK:

  • Since there’s so much tarot discussion coing on in the comments here, I just want to pump my favourite deck, the Deviant Moon tarot. It is so beautifully illustrated, and has the most accurate deck I’ve ever had. It’s just a bit quirky and will phrase things in the worst possible manner… so you kind of need a really dark sense of humour to appreciate it ;)

    Go play with the faeries, eh? There are actually places out here on the internets where you could do that, lol.

    • That sounds awesome and right up my alley! Gonna go look now. :d

  • Leaving the church was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done, yet one of the most personally rewarding things I have ever done. Due to some very painful and personal things that happened to me as a child I was never able to connect with Mormonism, or Christianity, and I has harassed for years by people from the church trying to bring me back “into the fold”. Luckily my parents are incredibly accepting and laid back (for Mormons) and have accepted my choice to leave the church. I feel blessed that they actually practice what they preach and that they love me unconditionally. I love tarot. It makes me happy and it’s fun and relaxing. My favorite deck is The Gilded Tarot. It’s one I would definitely recommend owning if you already don’t!

    • I’ll have to look that deck up. I only own the one and it was made the year I was born. So it’s slightly old. haha

      I think that’s awesome. That’s how it should be. I believe people choose different paths and beliefs in life based off of what they personally need to get through this life and they choose base on what they feel connected to. It’s okay to have different beliefs. We’re all different and have different experiences in life and it only makes sense that we choose different beliefs.

      I don’t understand why more people aren’t accepting of people who believe differently than they do. What you believe doesn’t affect me, it changes nothing in my life, it doesn’t hurt me, so why would it bother me what you believe? I just don’t understand that.

      One of the things I hate most in life is people who aren’t able to let people believe what they will. It just makes it so much harder for people to feel good about what they believe.

  • I’m glad you found someone who will listen to you. And I am all too familiar with the downward glances from family about weird beliefs. I collect tarot decks (and read) and grew up in a Mormon household. To each his own. I just hope that you are able to find something that helps make you happy! Mental well-being goes a long way in coping with chronic pain! *hugs*

    • That’s funny. I was mormon for awhile. I really liked it until I got baptised and then I literally felt stalked and they pressured me to get married again. I was raised baptist though. Now I don’t practice anything in particular. My beliefs are kind of a mish mash of things.

      I do love tarot decks though. I only have one that Miss Jupiter actually sent me. I have a whole slew of them on my wish list though. I plan on picking more up. My mom has no idea I even have the one deck. I keep it hidden in our room and only really do readings and such when I go over to my friend Dawn’s. But I do love them and they make me feel good so I don’t see a problem. I only hope that my mom has chilled out some because I hate that feeling. I know I’m not wrong, but to have someone constantly telling me I am is hard.