Swatches: My Pretty Zombie Anthrax & Hoof and Mouth

I did eye shots for Anthrax and Hoof and Mouth today so I thought I’d share. They really are pretty colors! <3 My Pretty Zombie. Oops I forgot to say I used CoffinCritters as well as liner on my upper lid.

And also just because of

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  • JC

    Really like the blue-green shadow. They both look great but that one just pops extra. Also, I still think you have one of the most gorgeous/unique nature eye colors I’ve ever come across!

    • Anthrax is the greeny one. It’s my favorite. :) I still have one more in the trio to do. And thank you. :d I didn’t think my eye color was that unique.

  • Anthrax looks awesome!

  • gorgeous colors! they make your eye color look different. definitely adding them to my wishlist.

    • Yay. You’ll love them when you get them. :d

  • I ordered them… Because of YOU. And how awesome the colors are. And the mNg collection too. YAY! :LAUGH:

    • Eeee I hope you love both collections. They are both super awesome!

  • SO PRETTY! Gahhhh!

    • bwahahaha! You *need* to order from Andrea yo!

  • Those are beautiful! I just ordered both of those…now I’m even more excited to get them :)

    • Yay! I hope you love them!

  • Shea

    I’m lusting after Anthrax now. It’s so gorgeous.

    • You definitely need it. It’s super awesome. Andrea did such an amazing job with it. :)

  • Hahahahahaha!! I love these pics, love your eyes, and love the vid! :LAUGH:

  • MissMidnightBlue

    I’m loving these 2! It looks so gorgeous! I love anthrax!

    • Anthrax is seriously amazing. You need it! ;)

  • Your eyes are the most pretty eyes ever! *jealous*

  • Rebecca

    Oooohhhh…pretty! :HK: