Random Stuff Post #2 I think + a poll

I just have a few reminders/things to note! :d

#1 Voting for the Beauty Blog Awards are almost over! Will you please vote for me as best beauty blog? :d Pretty, pretty please? <3 Thank you!

#2 The awesome sauce My Pretty Zombie sale ends today! Don’t forget to head on over and use code THIRTYTHREE to get 33% off!

#3 My poor forums are lonely and sad. Will you register and post? I want a happy community of people who enjoy talking with each other! :d

#4 So I’ve seen some mild concern, I don’t even know if concern is the right word? But I’ve seen people recently who have had issues with swatches from indie companies. More importantly issues with eye swatches. They aren’t getting the color they expect from the photos. They are usually on photos where there is clearly or sometimes not so clearly more than one shade of shadow on someones eye. My question to you is, do you prefer eye swatches to have JUST the color you are currently looking at so you know what color you are really getting, or do you not care? I do realize that do to monitor differences and lighting differences colors may not always be exact, but there is no excuse for a color to be extremely different from what is pictured.

I personally prefer to see just the color I am purchasing/looking at. It’s easy to think you’re getting a different color when part of it is blended with something else, and sometimes it’s not so obvious there are multiple colors on an eye. When it’s just the one shade it’s easy to see what you’re getting. I think if you want to show how it blends with other colors, that is awesome, but please include a photo of just that color on your eye ball so I can really see it. :d So uh that’s my two or probably twenty-five cents. hehehe
[poll i d= “15”]

#5 We REALLY need a working lawn mower. We also need a weed whacker. We’ve been paying the neighbor kids behind us to mow our lawn. They get $20 every other week to do it, and do a really crappy job. Kai keeps having to go out and remind them to cut all of the lawn and they still miss stuff. It’s just frustrating. We have a mower, but it’s electric and it died when Kai mowed the lawn with it after a rain. t.t He probably should have picked out a gas mower, but he wanted and electric one so we didn’t have to deal with the gas. He was worried about it being in the garage and making me sick. Also if it were a perfect world and we were rich I’d also love something like this: echo hedge trimmer. We don’t have a lot of bushes but we have a few giant ones that I’d really like trimmed back. Oh well. Maybe one day.

#6 I’m really tired today. I was feeling better yesterday and ran some errands and picked up some extra goodies for Stephanie because I still haven’t gotten her giveaway package shipped out to her. :( I feel awful about it so I picked up a few surprises for her that I hope she likes. I’m hoping to get it shipped out in the next couple of days. It’s been one thing after another since I got sick. But I overdid it and am now paying for it today. Kharizma stopped by yesterday so I could fix her computer and she brought me TONS of yummy red and green leaf lettuce, kale and chard from her garden. I made a giant salad last night which was delicious. I’m going to turn the kale into kale chips hopefully later. Then I made miso soup from dinner which turned out delicious. Tonight I’m supposed to make teriyaki salmon. Hopefully I’m up to it. Right now I’m not sure. So far though my blood sugar hasn’t been wildy out of control since I got back on my gabapentin. This morning it was 149. So hooray.

#7 Apparently I have a chiropractor appointment today that I’d totally forgotten about. t.t I just want to curl up and go to bed. le sigh

I guess I had more to say than I thought. :shifty:

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  • Personally, I just like one colour. I see it, it’s not playing off of any other colour, that’s it.

    Although, there’s no rule saying you can’t do both. One with just the colour, and another one that shows a lovely pairing. Might actually be a good business boost. “Oh you like this colour? You’ll love this one, too!”

    • I don’t mind and definitely like seeing it with other colors. I just hate seeing one picture that has like 3 shadows. I can’t tell exactly what is what that way so I never buy.

  • Daintynymph

    I like eye swatches of just the shadow because it gives several angles to show the color in one shot just from how the eyes are shaped.

  • We have wild grass…. It doesn’t need to be mowed. And when Pirate and I get the land and build our dream house, we want the same thing :p
    No mowing lawns! Yay!

    I’m glad to hear you’re feeling better- but you’re just like me! Once that feeling of “Hey I’m ok!” comes back, we do too much and pay for it the next day.

    How do you make kale chips?! I’ve never heard of ’em!

    • What is this magical wild grass?

      Our yard seriously is grass taken over by moss, and then dandelions and other weeds, plus violets and self heal. It’s nuts. I want to torch the lawn. lol Our house is surrounded by trees so the shade creates the perfect situation for moss.

  • Ack! I keep trying to go to the forum but when I click the link I get an error message about “can’t find the server” X.X

    • hahaha that’s because I’m a dolt and had the wrong url. Whoops. It’s fixed now. xd

  • Becca

    I voted on your poll! I voted “yes”, but I did want to add, I REALLY like when I can see a color swatched NEXT TO a few other colors, not necessarily blended with, just with more than one in the pic, so I can get a better idea of what it really looks like. Sometimes those “lone swatch” photos don’t come out all that accurate because of the way the camera picks up color.

    • I definitely like to see what it looks like with other colors, but I think it’s important to have a photo with just that color on the eye so people can really see how it’ll look. I hate seeing just one eye shot with like 4 colors up and you can’t tell what’s what from the picture. I never buy those because I don’t want to deal with getting a color that isn’t what I thought it was. :(