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Alrighty. I have a dilemma. Some of you may remember when I had to remove my adult product reviews/posts to another blog because it went against Adsense’s TOS. Well since Adsense has disabled my account I no longer need to worry about that. However I don’t want to make people so uncomfortable that I lose readers and people that I like! So my question to you is, would you feel comfortable enough to continue reading my blog if I were to move my reviews back here? Now keep in mind I always put adult reviews under a cut and the title always has “Adult Product/whatever Review:”, so no one would be blindly clicking on something they don’t want to see on here or twitter or facebook, etc.

My issue having them on another blog is, I completely forget about that blog and never post on it or remember to comment on it, etc, so it would be easier and better for me to move them back here. So I thought I was ask your thoughts on the matter. I don’t know how many future reviews I’ll be doing once I get caught up as my health has made it hard to have sex with my husband let a lone go play with something to review. I do however get the chance to review lubes/lotions/bath & body products/etc that are geared more towards affection/novelty rather than straight bath & body. So keeping in mind all reviews dealing with adult products that are not safe to display(most lotions and bath products have no nudity or sexual reference on them so I feel safe not putting those under a cut) are put under a cut and are titled properly would you have any issues continuing to read my blog? :d For the love of all that is good in the universe please say you would still read my blog! If you don’t I will be forced to hunt you down and beat you with a fish… Okay I kid, but I would be very sad. :( Also in case you would like to see examples of reviews you can see my other blog here. Nothing is under a cut over there by the way because that’s all that blog was used for. The only explicit things I would post, which would be under a cut with proper title would be the Pleasurists adult listings which sometimes contain a nude photo. Oh and I would also be possible hosting giveaways for adult items here.
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That’s all. Since I have nothing to post at this moment because I have photos to edit, and upload and edit and illustrations and labels to make, and reviews to write and swatches and and and. Halp. I shall leave you with a list of things I need to post! I’m sure I’ll forget some. But yeah.

  1. One Hand Washes the Other photos from an order from uh awhile ago.
  2. Products from Hip Apotheca to review.
  3. Products from Wetnwild to review.
  4. Concrete Minerals to swatch.
  5. Dark Heart Designs to swatch.
  6. 3 months worth of birchbox boxes to post about.
  7. Black Rose Minerals to swatch.
  8. My Pretty Zombie to swatch.
  9. Simply Sweet Skin to photograph and post about.
  10. Ingredient Labels for Rosa.
  11. Zombie illustration for Andrea
  12. Brazen Cosmetics lippies to swatch.
  13. Other things I know I’m forgetting. xd

I has a busy. Halp? Sascha goes home in the morning. It doesn’t seem like it’s been that long. :( I wish we could have done more, gotten more for him. I only got him one book. But between my health, doctor, chiropractor and now acupuncture visits, not enough money, hospital visits, etc, things just didn’t go the way I wanted them to. That’s okay. Next year we shall hopefully have money saved up, hopefully my health will be better(oh please dear universe, please), hopefully my mom will be doing better, hopefully things will just be better. I already miss him and he’s not gone yet. Poop. I keep telling myself it’ll be okay, but I already want to cry. I need to gather up his clothes clean the dirty ones and pack up his suitcase. Homemade tacos and strawberry cupcakes with strawberry puree as topping for dinner. Sascha’s request. Bleh. I’m already teary-eyed just typing this. HALP. It’ll only be a year, it’ll only be a year, then he’ll be home for the summer again, then only one more year and he’ll be home. Boy I love him.


First time I’ve painted my nails in a couple of months. Must get back into swing of clean, tidy nail polish. :( Also I chopped my nails off when I was really sick this past month.

Poshe Nail-Strengthening Treatment Basecoat

Rimmel Lasting Finish Pro Violet Metal #350
Pure Ice Oh Baby!

Poshe Super-Fast Drying Topcoat


Sooo not to long ago, okay it was the other month I won a contest that Facebomb Cosmetics held on their facebook page. I had NO idea I won as I don’t keep up with facebook that much. A friend on twitter told me they needed my address because I won a contest. To be honest I hadn’t even remembered I entered. haha Anyways. Not too long after I gave them my address I received some goodies! I received 6 full size 5g jars and a sample. My shadows came with a business card and a list of ingredients.

I received full size jars of Spring Purple, Spring Yellow, Carolyn, Derby Girl, Vivaldi and Boon Docks and a sample of Great Fairy’s Tears. Great Fairy’s Tears happens to be my favourite of the bunch! Love it. It’s so pretty and well faerie like. :d I also like Derby Girl(shocker, I know), Spring Purple and Spring Yellow a lot. Definitely going to be picking up a jar of Great Fairy’s Tears and there are other shadows in their Etsy shop I’d like to get my hands on. I will say if you aren’t a fan of glitter this isn’t the company for you. :) Each shadow has a pretty explosion of glitter. I know some people are sensitive to glitter around their eyes.

I think my only issue which is mostly just a pet peeve is that I really, really encourage and prefer ingredient information on the jars. I’m a little paranoid and prefer having the ingredient information on the jars because I’m really forgetful and often times misplace ingredient sheets. If I have a reaction to a shadow, I want to be able to grab the jar and see what’s in it. So there, that’s my pet peeve. xd Prease put ingredients on the jars? The only other issues was that Derby Girl leaked a little inside, and I can’t figure out how because the sifter seal seemed completely sealed, soo I don’t know. It wasn’t that big of a deal either, nothing spilled outside of the jar. So yeah. Onto the swatches!

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So my mom ended up having a heart attack a few nights ago, right now I’m not even sure what night it was? She called me at about 4am and asked me to come down. I knew exactly why. She’d been having heart trouble for about 5 hours and hadn’t told me. I went down and ended up calling her friends to come take her to the hospital. It had been a long sore day and I took an extra gabapentin around 2am after I picked Kai up from work. So I wasn’t able to drive. They got there around 530am? They took her immediately to the hospital where they apparently thought her situation was very bad and transported her via ambulance to Providence in Portland. There she found out she had a blood clot in her heart and the left ventricle was severely damaged from the heart attack. They had her on oxygen and she was hooked up with a bajillion wires when we went to visit her. She seemed to be okay and doing better. They ended up keeping her until today. She refused the chest stint and dye test they wanted to do, so they put her on medications instead. I have to go pick up 5 for her tomorrow.

After my mom was checked out she had to stay in the hallway for almost 2 hours waiting for a wheel chair. Really? Are you serious? She flagged down 3 different people and finally the 3rd person went and brought her back a wheel chair so she could leave. Ugh. We waited so long outside the hospital I was afraid they were going to ask us to leave. Thankfully all worked out and she’s home now. The ride home exhausted her, so she’s still pretty done in and has been resting since she got home. Hopefully between the medications and care from her doctor things will be alright. Hopefully.

On a side note I found the most amazing shoes today and no they aren’t flip flops. I know it’s a shocker, I found shoes that aren’t uggs or flip flops. Shhhh. BUT THEY ARE AMAZING! And I need them, like really neeeed them. Behold! Going Batty Maryjane Flats! Aren’t they amazing! Who wants to loan me $35 plus shipping so I can get them?! xd Also on another note. Kai has decided we are somehow going to save up $1000 by Thanksgiving to go visit his family. Good luck to us. I’m not sure how or if we can successfully do it. But he really, really, really wants to. So that means things are going to be exceptionally way more tight around here. No buying frivalous things like rec specs sports goggles(I kid) or beautiful going batty maryjane flats! :( I r sad. I will find a way to get those shoes though! If it kills me! And it probably will, and its name will probably be Kai. X.X For now, beautiful, beautiful shoes are on my amazon wishlist. I love you beautiful batty shoes!


When Hi-Fi Cosmetics was on Heartsy I was a little hesitant to snatch up a voucher for it because of the long TAT that I’d heard about from several fellow bloggers, but I decided to go ahead and do it. I ended up getting Slime and Snails, Sound Check, Lost & Lonely, Sex, Drugs & Rock N Roll, Raindrops on Roses and Kokomo. I received Time for Cheer and Ransom Notes as free samples. I received my order just shy of a week after I placed my order. Artfire was a little funky so she had to request the last little bit of money I owed her as I was slightly over my voucher amount. I’m a little torn on my order, and I’ll tell you why. Part of my shadows look different from the swatch photos, now I know that swatches will look a little different from monitor to monitor and sometimes camera’s don’t pick up the colors properly, etc. I was a little sad as I was really looking forward to the colors on the swatches.

Sound Check appeared to have orange/gold glitter and what I received has pink glitter. Lost & Lonely, Kokomo, and Sex, Drugs & Rock N Roll are all much darker than the photos on the listings and Raindrops on Roses is more of a dark coppery rose than the light dusty rose from the swatches. Do I love all of the colors? No, but I do like them. I do love Slime and Snails, Lost & Lonely and Sex, Drugs & Rock N Roll. I was a little disappointed in Kokomo and Raindrops on Roses as I purchased them because they were really light. They aren’t ugly colors, just not what I was expecting. :) My only other issue was that some of my colors sort of flake and lift off of my primer. I haven’t had this happen before so I’m not sure why. I’ve tried both primers I have and they did it on both. I have yet to try those particular colors on my eyeballs so hopefully they’re fine on my eyes. :) Once I try them all on my eyeballs I’ll write up an official review! I just wanted to get my swatches up and my thoughts up for now. It’s entirely possible that it’s an issue with both of my primers and that is why the shadows are flaking, but I won’t know that for sure until I have another primer in my hands or try them on mah eyeballs. If anyone has any answers on the flaking/lifting I would love to know! I haven’t contacted the owner of Hi-Fi yet as I was going to wait until I had a chance to try all the shadows on my eyes to see if I even needed to contact her. So uh onto the photos! Also uh I think I labeled Ransom Notes wrong. Whoops. Forgot the s.


purchased by me

I ordered a set of the husbandry afflictions collection and quinsy and disquiet for my best friend Kharizma from Andrea of My Pretty Zombie. When my order arrived she’d included a few extra shadows for me and she sent me replacements for Moist and Miasma that I’d uh spilled when I tripped over my keyboard. Whoops. Aaaaanyways! She sent me Epistaxis[1. I don’t believe Andrea has released Epistaxis yet], Quinsy and Disquiet since I didn’t have them and I asked her to make a matte red for me which she creatively named Espitaxis(nose bleed). hehehehe It’s really pretty, it’s a darker red that applies nicely even without primer. Now I just need Andrea to make my matte purple. Bwahahaha! xd

I really need a new primer, I lost my concrete minerals primer somewhere, so I’ve been using the my beauty addiction primer which for whatever reason does not play well with mattes. :( It makes them seem darker than they are. Anyways! Onto the swatches!

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I prefer to… not leave the house. Driving is really stressful and I’m usually really tired and ready to zonk out by the time I get home. I’ve had an appointment nearly every day this week. Chiropractor appointment on Monday, nothing on Tuesday, doctors visit Wednesday, chiropractor on Thursday, and today? I have my first acupuncture appointment. I really just want to stay home. Actually I’m so tired right now I just want to go back to bed. Also I am quite terrified of being poked. Pain is always worse than it should be, so I’m already worried this is going to hurt really bad when it shouldn’t. Bleh.

On the way home from taking Kai to work I noticed that this one lot that previously has had 2 motorhome sales places, both of which closed down now has a motorhome repair place. I’m curious as to how long it will actually last. Also there’s a place down further on the same street that has a new strip club that opened up recently. It’s the 3rd one that I’ve seen, the previous two seemed to close down after being open for less than a month. haha Good luck businesses!

One last thing. Google Adsense disabled my account for fraudulent activity. :/ I know that it wasn’t from me because I rarely click on my own ads, and when I do it’s to see what something is. I’m not even sure if they count my own clicks as clicks even. If you’ve been clicking on my ads over and over please don’t. :( If you see something you’re genuinely interested in, by all means click, I appreciate it, but I don’t want to get in trouble if you’re just trying to be helpful. I’ve appealed my account but it can take up to a week according to their email to review my appeal and there is no guarantee they’ll reinstate my account. Furthermore, if they don’t reinstate my account I won’t be paid any of the money I eared, they’ll return it to the advertisers. :/ Which really stinks because I’ve tried not to screw up my account.

When they disabled it previously because they considered my adult product reviews a violation of their ToS I promptly removed anything to do with them and they reinstated my account, so I really hope they’ll check my account and see that I haven’t done anything wrong, because I haven’t, and will reinstate my account. Anyways, I’m pretty annoyed/upset about this. It’s really shitty as it’s one of the only ways I am able to make money so this was a low blow.


So this weeks 80’s Cartoon Collaboration was Jem and the Holograms and of course I chose Jem. After all growing up SHE was the reason I wanted pink hair. :d You can see Jenna’s look here! She did her look based on Aja. :d

Also, Eeeee I did not realize how awful my eyebrows looked until I uploaded photos. :( They looked fine in the mirror. My camera battery was dead enough to disable the shutter and is charging as I uh type this up. So meh. I have bad eyebrows today. xd Oh well.

I would have loooooved to have used Decora for this. Too bad I spilled it all over the floor huh? :p Fear not, or I should fear not. haha Amanda is doing another Sugarpill order and I shall be getting more Decora. Woot!

Skin79 Rose Mist Toner
Skinfood Salmon Brightening Eye Cream
Skin79 The Oriental Gold BB Cream
Skinfood Peach Sake Silky Finish Powder

My Pretty Zombie My Pretty Zombie

My Beauty Addiction Shadow Poxy Eyeshadow Base
Hi-Fi Cosmetics Rockstar Collection Sound Check
My Pretty Zombie mNg #3
Sugarpill Lumi

wetnwild Mega Brilliance Lip Gloss #593 Crushed Grapes
My Pretty Zombie mNg #3


So I had a doctors appointment today which went fairly well. My blood test results were in. It shows something is wrong with my spleen and that my red and white blood cell count is up. Everything else was normal which my doctor expected. But poop. I was hoping it would show something. She did say “don’t worry I know you aren’t crazy.” So that was comforting, kind of. Though, in the next breath she told me she wanted me to start therapy and see the therapist from mental health that works there. She wants me to start therapy for PTSD. Awesome. I also go back Friday for acupuncture, only it’s really going to be acupressure, she doesn’t think it would be wise to start on me with needles. I tend to agree there. My blood pressure is also still low. The nurse took my blood pressure 7 times, I thought it was less but apparently she noted it on my chart. haha But she had to take it 7 times before getting a reading of 90/70. She couldn’t find a pulse at all. The doctor couldn’t find one either and my temperature was 100.4? It was 100. something. Anyways. She took me off of the hydrochlorathiazide and said if my blood pressure stays low or is even normal to stop taking the lisinopril. No problems there. My bloodsugar has been staying fairly normal too so the Actos is finally working, she’s hoping that maybe I can stop taking the metformin and just use the Actos. I again am all for that. They did take 2 vials of blood to check for something with my spleen and to check something for my bloodsugar. I seriously can’t remember. Maybe it’s to check something with my brain.

After my doctors appointment I went to the mailbox place and mailed off Stephanie’s package, hooray! And mailed off Andrea’s belated birthday gift. Now I am really tired and I forgot to take my medications this morning so very sore. I really should go do that, but I’ve been sidetracked by shinies, and not of the cosmetic variety, okay I lie I’ve been sidetracked by that too. But I’ve been looking at rings from scott kay jewelry. I *love* pink sapphire, and I *love* this ring. Ohmygod. Seriously they have some pretty jewelry with pink sapphires.


I received samples of all of Concrete Minerals lovely loose shadows from Em recently to swatch! I’ll be swatching them by color groups so you can see them compared to each other. :d So here are the pinks and red. I’m going by the color descriptions on Em’s website. :) These were all swatched over Concrete Minerals Electric Eye Primer.

Mauve-pink with orange undertones.

Lovey Dovey
Vibrant pink with gold sparkle.

Bright pink with gold sparkle.

Shocking, hot pink.

Deep shimmery red.

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