Swatches: Linnaeus Cosmetics Axolotl Collection

So one of my favorite little sea creatures is the Axolotl or Mexican Walking Fish. Look at how cute they are! They come in different colors but I love the little pink guys(what a shocker!). So the wonderful Marin from Linnaeus Cosmetics made[1. oh my god I typed maked… I don’t even know hahahaha] me an aweomse Axolotl collection! It arrived in a cute little cloth fox bag with a tag tied around it with Marin’s company information. It’s pretty neutral for me, but I actually really like it. Puerile is a really pretty highlight color. I used all three for my FOTD today which I shall be posting shortly. I really like this collection. Marin did an awesome job as usual. :d Archetypal and Branchial both have subtle glitter in them which makes them super shiny and sparkley in the sun. They’re beautiful!

Marin was also nice enough to send me a second set of the collection which I’ll be putting up for a giveaway later today. :d

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  • yum! such pretty colors!

  • I linked my friend to the collection as soon as I saw it, because she’s OBSESSED with axolotls :d she didn’t even really know about them until that long ago, when we were in the petstore and I was like ‘fuck I love axolotls, they’re so cool’ xd

  • Rachael Sleighter

    Liked Linnaeus on FB – Rachael Sleighter

    • Rachael Sleighter

      oops wrong place X.X

      • xd No worries! You aren’t the first person to do it.

  • Becca

    So I herd you liek mudkipz? :LAUGH:

    • I lieks wooperz moar!

  • Great shades. :)

  • She “maked” you such a pretty set of colors. ;-)

    Sorry, I couldn’t resist. The little footnote you included made me LOL

    • hahaha she did! She maked some pretties! I can’t tell you how many typos I made writing this post. xd

  • Pokemon are REAL :O

    • lol totally! I think wooper or mudkip or maybe both were inspired by these!

  • What a precious little fishy! Ive never even seen one of those, it is soo adorable though :) And those colors are so fabulous <3 Do you think you can do eye swatches?????

    • You already found my eye swatches! :d But yes they’re stinking cute! I wish I could have one as a pet but I haven’t seen them around. :( I want a couple of pinkies.