Swatches: Concrete Minerals Hustle, Lovey Dovey, Kismet, Brat & Hearts

I received samples of all of Concrete Minerals lovely loose shadows from Em recently to swatch! I’ll be swatching them by color groups so you can see them compared to each other. :d So here are the pinks and red. I’m going by the color descriptions on Em’s website. :) These were all swatched over Concrete Minerals Electric Eye Primer.

Mauve-pink with orange undertones.

Lovey Dovey
Vibrant pink with gold sparkle.

Bright pink with gold sparkle.

Shocking, hot pink.

Deep shimmery red.

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  • omg yes! I love reds and pinks! :) thanks for the swatches <3

  • I wish she still offered samples :'( I can’t buy from her anymore because she doesn’t. I liked the shades I’ve bought in the past though.

  • Marie

    Got a MASSIVE free sample of brat on my last order, waiting for the Arkham colection I ordered to arrive which has a pink AND a red! Yay! Really I only ordered it coz I have a thing for Batman, but c’mon, Batman themed gorgeous make-up, how could I resist? ;)

  • Rebecca

    These are so pretty! Being a super pale girl with strawberry blonde hair, I stayed away from reds and bright pink eyeshadows for the longest time because I didn’t think I’d be able to make them work. But I’ve been wearing them lately and turns out that red is one of my fave eyeshadow colors! Who woulda thought? Lol. :HK:

  • I am totally digging Hearts and Hustle!!

  • So glad I got Brat!

  • Love it! so PINK :HBEAT:

  • hustle is awesome! it looks kinda purpley to me. but its really puretty!

    • I think mauve is a purpley pink color? I’m not really sure. haha