Long day

So I had a doctors appointment today which went fairly well. My blood test results were in. It shows something is wrong with my spleen and that my red and white blood cell count is up. Everything else was normal which my doctor expected. But poop. I was hoping it would show something. She did say “don’t worry I know you aren’t crazy.” So that was comforting, kind of. Though, in the next breath she told me she wanted me to start therapy and see the therapist from mental health that works there. She wants me to start therapy for PTSD. Awesome. I also go back Friday for acupuncture, only it’s really going to be acupressure, she doesn’t think it would be wise to start on me with needles. I tend to agree there. My blood pressure is also still low. The nurse took my blood pressure 7 times, I thought it was less but apparently she noted it on my chart. haha But she had to take it 7 times before getting a reading of 90/70. She couldn’t find a pulse at all. The doctor couldn’t find one either and my temperature was 100.4? It was 100. something. Anyways. She took me off of the hydrochlorathiazide and said if my blood pressure stays low or is even normal to stop taking the lisinopril. No problems there. My bloodsugar has been staying fairly normal too so the Actos is finally working, she’s hoping that maybe I can stop taking the metformin and just use the Actos. I again am all for that. They did take 2 vials of blood to check for something with my spleen and to check something for my bloodsugar. I seriously can’t remember. Maybe it’s to check something with my brain.

After my doctors appointment I went to the mailbox place and mailed off Stephanie’s package, hooray! And mailed off Andrea’s belated birthday gift. Now I am really tired and I forgot to take my medications this morning so very sore. I really should go do that, but I’ve been sidetracked by shinies, and not of the cosmetic variety, okay I lie I’ve been sidetracked by that too. But I’ve been looking at rings from scott kay jewelry. I *love* pink sapphire, and I *love* this ring. Ohmygod. Seriously they have some pretty jewelry with pink sapphires.

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  • Wow, that is a huge difference. Does the hydrochlorathiazide have any sort of adjustment time, like it takes a few weeks to get to peak effectiveness?

    • As far as I know, no? She told me I should notice a difference right away with it, but I didn’t notice any difference for a couple of weeks. She was hoping it would help with water weight, but I didn’t loose any weight and I never had any water retention to begin with.

      • Doctors – can’t live without ’em, live as a lab rat with ’em.

  • The low blood pressure thing is a pita, but I think I’d be more concerned about it being too high. If you don’t mind my asking, what was it like before they put you on the medications?

    • They originally put me on lisinopril because it was staying around 184/120. When they put me on the hydrochlorathiazide it was staying around 130/100. I’ve been on the hydrochlorathiazide for 30 days. Ran out of it yesterday. And my low blood pressure seemed to show up a couple of weeks ago.