Swatches: Hi-Fi Cosmetics

When Hi-Fi Cosmetics was on Heartsy I was a little hesitant to snatch up a voucher for it because of the long TAT that I’d heard about from several fellow bloggers, but I decided to go ahead and do it. I ended up getting Slime and Snails, Sound Check, Lost & Lonely, Sex, Drugs & Rock N Roll, Raindrops on Roses and Kokomo. I received Time for Cheer and Ransom Notes as free samples. I received my order just shy of a week after I placed my order. Artfire was a little funky so she had to request the last little bit of money I owed her as I was slightly over my voucher amount. I’m a little torn on my order, and I’ll tell you why. Part of my shadows look different from the swatch photos, now I know that swatches will look a little different from monitor to monitor and sometimes camera’s don’t pick up the colors properly, etc. I was a little sad as I was really looking forward to the colors on the swatches.

Sound Check appeared to have orange/gold glitter and what I received has pink glitter. Lost & Lonely, Kokomo, and Sex, Drugs & Rock N Roll are all much darker than the photos on the listings and Raindrops on Roses is more of a dark coppery rose than the light dusty rose from the swatches. Do I love all of the colors? No, but I do like them. I do love Slime and Snails, Lost & Lonely and Sex, Drugs & Rock N Roll. I was a little disappointed in Kokomo and Raindrops on Roses as I purchased them because they were really light. They aren’t ugly colors, just not what I was expecting. :) My only other issue was that some of my colors sort of flake and lift off of my primer. I haven’t had this happen before so I’m not sure why. I’ve tried both primers I have and they did it on both. I have yet to try those particular colors on my eyeballs so hopefully they’re fine on my eyes. :) Once I try them all on my eyeballs I’ll write up an official review! I just wanted to get my swatches up and my thoughts up for now. It’s entirely possible that it’s an issue with both of my primers and that is why the shadows are flaking, but I won’t know that for sure until I have another primer in my hands or try them on mah eyeballs. If anyone has any answers on the flaking/lifting I would love to know! I haven’t contacted the owner of Hi-Fi yet as I was going to wait until I had a chance to try all the shadows on my eyes to see if I even needed to contact her. So uh onto the photos! Also uh I think I labeled Ransom Notes wrong. Whoops. Forgot the s.

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  • Gondor Tari

    I love Lost & Lonely! Dis u see that? I have a polish with same colour!!!

  • I was lucky- I received a Gift Certificate to Hi-Fi, and I was able to place my order before the Heartsy Deal. While I did wait a little longer than I normally would have liked for my colors, TAT was pushed up to well within the time I received them. And I kid you not- now that I’ve worn my colors a few times, I’d gladly (but still very anxiously) await that amount of time for my shadows! They’re one of the best I’ve used :)

    Your swatches are gorgeous- and I’m totally wanting, NEEDING Lost & Lonely and Ransom Notes!!!

    Have you also tried Hi-Fi’s Shadow Fix? It’s great stuff! Similar to Pixie Epoxy, and really brings out the color and shimmer of HF’s shadows :d
    I’ve never had them flake though- that’s pretty odd :/

  • I can’t speak for TAT since I haven’t ordered recently.
    But I can say that I haven’t experienced any flaking (over UDPP) or anything like that, personally!
    I hope you can get it figured out =O

  • Melissa

    My TAT for the Heartsy deal is going on 6 weeks. I definitely feel like I’m being “punished” in a respect, for not being a blogger or a new customer. It almost seems like her established customers who aren’t bloggers are getting pushed to the bottom of the list, because she is trying to make a good impression on new customers and those who have a bigger voice, such as bloggers.

    I’m not one for conspiracies, but I placed my order nearly immediately and it makes me wonder seeing other Heartsy buyers getting their packages after one or two weeks when I just got my shipping notice yesterday.

    I’m torn, because she makes beautiful shadows. Thing is, she used to offer top-notch customer service, too. Now I feel like I should take my money elsewhere, where my business is appreciated.

  • OMFG I want Lost & Lonely!

  • I think I’m in love. I seriously want all of those colors!

  • They do look like really nice colours, but it must have been disappointing if you thought you were getting something quite different. I’m looking forward to reading your full review as Hi-Fi are a company I’ve been ummming and ahhhing over for a while now.

  • OMG GORGEOUS!!! I’m kinda torn about the TAT for that Heartsy deal. I feel like the big(er) bloggers got their orders quickly, but I waited a little over 2 weeks for mine :(