Swatches: My Pretty Zombie Quinsy, Disquiet & Epistaxis

purchased by me

I ordered a set of the husbandry afflictions collection and quinsy and disquiet for my best friend Kharizma from Andrea of My Pretty Zombie. When my order arrived she’d included a few extra shadows for me and she sent me replacements for Moist and Miasma that I’d uh spilled when I tripped over my keyboard. Whoops. Aaaaanyways! She sent me Epistaxis[1. I don’t believe Andrea has released Epistaxis yet], Quinsy and Disquiet since I didn’t have them and I asked her to make a matte red for me which she creatively named Espitaxis(nose bleed). hehehehe It’s really pretty, it’s a darker red that applies nicely even without primer. Now I just need Andrea to make my matte purple. Bwahahaha! xd

I really need a new primer, I lost my concrete minerals primer somewhere, so I’ve been using the my beauty addiction primer which for whatever reason does not play well with mattes. :( It makes them seem darker than they are. Anyways! Onto the swatches!

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  • Great swatches as usual. I just ordered a crapload of MPZ and I’m absolutely loving them!!

  • NEED Epistaxis. End of story. :LOVE:

  • The Peach

    Those colors are simply stunning! Wow! I still need to try MPZ! I think I see an order in my future! Thanks for the swatches!

  • I hope she releases Epistaxis because that is for sure my favorite color of the bunch. Oh my goodness!

  • MissMidnightBlue

    *sighs* money where are you? I need to buy so many awesome makeups from so many pretties. :)

  • How have I not tried this brand yet?! Your swatches make everything look amazing, but seriously. I need to get my hands on these STAT.

    • Shhh don’t tell anyone but MPZ is my favorite. I love all of the other ladies and companies I buy from but Andrea just does it for me. :) She makes some amazing duo’s and her regular shadows are pretty awesome too.

  • YAY!!!!!! I love epistaxis :) its the perfect matte red <3 Boy i need a new primer too! Ive been using my concealer which works as pretty lame replacement but o well lol :WOW:

    • I’m thinking of trying Susan’s from Darling Girl cosmetics. Waiting for her to email me back and then we’ll see. :d Otherwise I’m gonna be waiting to get UDPP.

      • Awesome :) Cant wait to hear which one you get, ive been itching to get a darling girl primer but its always pretty weird to try something new O.O

  • Gotta love Disquiet! Such an awesome color O.O