So my mom ended up having a heart attack a few nights ago, right now I’m not even sure what night it was? She called me at about 4am and asked me to come down. I knew exactly why. She’d been having heart trouble for about 5 hours and hadn’t told me. I went down and ended up calling her friends to come take her to the hospital. It had been a long sore day and I took an extra gabapentin around 2am after I picked Kai up from work. So I wasn’t able to drive. They got there around 530am? They took her immediately to the hospital where they apparently thought her situation was very bad and transported her via ambulance to Providence in Portland. There she found out she had a blood clot in her heart and the left ventricle was severely damaged from the heart attack. They had her on oxygen and she was hooked up with a bajillion wires when we went to visit her. She seemed to be okay and doing better. They ended up keeping her until today. She refused the chest stint and dye test they wanted to do, so they put her on medications instead. I have to go pick up 5 for her tomorrow.

After my mom was checked out she had to stay in the hallway for almost 2 hours waiting for a wheel chair. Really? Are you serious? She flagged down 3 different people and finally the 3rd person went and brought her back a wheel chair so she could leave. Ugh. We waited so long outside the hospital I was afraid they were going to ask us to leave. Thankfully all worked out and she’s home now. The ride home exhausted her, so she’s still pretty done in and has been resting since she got home. Hopefully between the medications and care from her doctor things will be alright. Hopefully.

On a side note I found the most amazing shoes today and no they aren’t flip flops. I know it’s a shocker, I found shoes that aren’t uggs or flip flops. Shhhh. BUT THEY ARE AMAZING! And I need them, like really neeeed them. Behold! Going Batty Maryjane Flats! Aren’t they amazing! Who wants to loan me $35 plus shipping so I can get them?! xd Also on another note. Kai has decided we are somehow going to save up $1000 by Thanksgiving to go visit his family. Good luck to us. I’m not sure how or if we can successfully do it. But he really, really, really wants to. So that means things are going to be exceptionally way more tight around here. No buying frivalous things like rec specs sports goggles(I kid) or beautiful going batty maryjane flats! :( I r sad. I will find a way to get those shoes though! If it kills me! And it probably will, and its name will probably be Kai. X.X For now, beautiful, beautiful shoes are on my amazon wishlist. I love you beautiful batty shoes!

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  • I’m very sorry to hear about your mother; I had something similar happen to a family member recently and they didn’t really tell us anything so it was hard. I hope she has a quick recovery, it can take a long time to get better after something serious like that happens.

  • On no :( I’m so sorry to hear about your Mom…. That’s awful! I’m thankful though it’s not worse than what happened- is she having any lingering effects? You know- I saw on Nightline a few months back that there’s a new procedure they’re testing on heart patients who have either had heart attacks, or Congestive Heart Failure (like my Mom does) and it involves stem cells.

    Basically, they culture your own stem cells until there’s enough of them to be injected over the dead severely weakened portion of the heart (as in the case of congenital disease, viruses, CHF or heart attacks) and it’s been shown to rebuild blood vessels and get that portion of the heart working again. Amazing what science has come up with by ways of the medical field in some aspects.

    Now if we would release the cure for cancer, AIDS and get Lyme and Fibromyalgia under control, I think it’d be a good start… Give your Mom my best wishes for a speedy recovery!

  • i hope everything with your mom gets better and good luck with your saving goal.

  • I’m sorry about your mama. :( I hope she starts feeling better soon and the meds help. Sigh, I am on a no/low buy right now because we need to save money for practical things and it’s so hard! Hopefully you get to have your shoes AND get to visit your husband’s family. :)

  • My best wishes and thoughts to your mom. I really hope she gets better soon. (Also best of luck saving up the money and getting your shoes!)

  • Dude. It will be WORTH it to save up. It will mean we get to hangout in real life! And we can blog about it! Hahaha.

  • I hope your mom get better :(