I has a poll, you shall vote!

Alrighty. I have a dilemma. Some of you may remember when I had to remove my adult product reviews/posts to another blog because it went against Adsense’s TOS. Well since Adsense has disabled my account I no longer need to worry about that. However I don’t want to make people so uncomfortable that I lose readers and people that I like! So my question to you is, would you feel comfortable enough to continue reading my blog if I were to move my reviews back here? Now keep in mind I always put adult reviews under a cut and the title always has “Adult Product/whatever Review:”, so no one would be blindly clicking on something they don’t want to see on here or twitter or facebook, etc.

My issue having them on another blog is, I completely forget about that blog and never post on it or remember to comment on it, etc, so it would be easier and better for me to move them back here. So I thought I was ask your thoughts on the matter. I don’t know how many future reviews I’ll be doing once I get caught up as my health has made it hard to have sex with my husband let a lone go play with something to review. I do however get the chance to review lubes/lotions/bath & body products/etc that are geared more towards affection/novelty rather than straight bath & body. So keeping in mind all reviews dealing with adult products that are not safe to display(most lotions and bath products have no nudity or sexual reference on them so I feel safe not putting those under a cut) are put under a cut and are titled properly would you have any issues continuing to read my blog? :d For the love of all that is good in the universe please say you would still read my blog! If you don’t I will be forced to hunt you down and beat you with a fish… Okay I kid, but I would be very sad. :( Also in case you would like to see examples of reviews you can see my other blog here. Nothing is under a cut over there by the way because that’s all that blog was used for. The only explicit things I would post, which would be under a cut with proper title would be the Pleasurists adult listings which sometimes contain a nude photo. Oh and I would also be possible hosting giveaways for adult items here.
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I run this blog! This blog is a personal blog for all things beauty related. I love swatching, reviewing and hosting giveaways. I've been blogging since I was 16 years old... That's uh a long time. I am now 34! Sometimes I like to blog about my life and what is going on, but not often anymore. I hope you enjoy my blog posts!

  • I voted “yes”. I think those reviews are good, honest and tasteful. I read the other blog too.

    …I also voted I liked bacon.

  • I vote yes! And… I like bacon, but I no can has.

  • Totally go for it! Such things need to be naturalised anyhow. And I think you’re JUST THE LADY to do it.

  • I probably wouldn’t read them, but since I’m a grown-up and not an idiot, I’m perfectly capable of simply not reading anything I don’t want to on the internet. I don’t see why it would be a problem for anyone, unless they’re too young or somehow incapable of seeing a link and not clicking on it.

    Your blog, you write whatever you damn well please <3

  • Soo

    new reader here, but I wouldn’t mind. I’ve never actually come across a blog that does reviews like that so that should be interesting. are you going to truncate the RSS feed if you decide to combine blogging topics again?

  • Absolutely! I follow a few entirely adult blogs anyway; yours was actually when I realized DERP people review adult products on their blogs too!

  • I can haz toy reviews back here? ;) And bacon? :HEART:

  • Don’t worry, my big girl panties are on – I have no qualms about you posting adult oriented content on your blog. :)

    • bahahaha I know you has big girl panties! ;)

  • Yes and bacon for me please!

    • Bacon is food from the heavens!

  • I like bacon too. :p

  • I would totally keep reading :) Plus its always good to know whats good, its hard to find honest blogs when it comes to stuff like that :) Cant wait to read more girlie <3 HUGS

    • It really is. Some of the personal stuff I’ve been sent I couldn’t even try it was so… foul and gross and had to email the company and politely tell them I just couldn’t.

  • Heck yeah! And as a “chronic babe” with 6 different conditions, I wouldn’t mind some tips (or giveaways). My hubby of almost 19 yrs will thank you for it ;)

    Polish AND adult products?……*glee* *faint*

    • I wish I had tips! The only tip I have is sometimes it’s okay just to have a nice make-out session if you can’t have intercourse, and it’s okay to manually get each other off too, that can be just as fun and sensual has having intercourse and sometimes it’s more arousing. :d and have lots of nice things that are fun, sensual, kinky, etc. I’ll hopefully have all my reviews back over here soon and maybe some of those will help. :) Sometimes it’s really hard for me because my girly bits are in so much pain that I can’t have sex for months with my husband and the thought of even doing anything sexual makes my bits cry. t.t Sometimes you gotta try anyways though, and there have been times where actually having sex has helped a little, so I never know.

      • *HUGS* I hear ya hon. And I’m a fan of “toys” and “products” ;) Babeland is my current LUST shop!

        Sounds like you have a good supportive hubby–mine is patient and understanding too…between my chronics and being poly-minded (I have a girlfriend), it has really meant the survival of our marriage.

        email if you ever want to talk!

        • Aw I’m glad he’s understanding. It can be hard! I don’t prefer toys but they can make things so fun! Also I have to say I am so jealous of your nubar polishes! *sooper jealous* had to add that. lol I’m JUST starting to get into nail polish so I have a ways to go! Babeland has some awesome things. :d

          • Polish IS addictive. Thanks for checking out my blog *blush* So many great polishes, so few fingers! LOL

            I haven’t played much with my Nubars but I can’t wait to dig into the chocolate truffles when it *finally* cools off here! They swatch very nicely tho!

            Toys and the like are awesome ;) After 19 yrs and 2 kids (and we were together 4 yrs before that) they add a little more fun. I would go bezerk on Babeland if I could!

            Oh and I wouldn’t be a good enabler if I didn’t mention there are lots of places to get Nubar…I get mine from Nubar, eBay, and Amazon. Soon you shall have pretties of your own to drool over :d

      • Daintynymph

        “sometimes it’s okay just to have a nice make-out session if you can’t have intercourse”

        When I was in college I had a boyfriend that really bitched me out for being a tease, so I’m still paranoid about making offers I can’t deliver on. It took me a while to be convinced that yes, just some heavy petting is ok sometimes.

        As for the content, it’s your blog, do what you want! As others have pointed out, it’s really not that difficult to scroll on past a naughty review without clicking it if you don’t want to read that sort of thing.