Voting and Broken Things!

First of all Geek Chic Cosmetics has a new amazingly gorgeous pink lippie that they need named! See below! Isn’t it PRETTY! My name suggestion was Kiss My Kitty, so uh feel free to go you know, vote for Kiss My Kitty! xd Come on isn’t it a perfect name for it?!

Also funny but tragic story time! On… Tuesday night I went to get a top sheet out of our linen closet because I’d been using a fuzzy blanket and it was way too hot for that. So I open the closet, and go to pull out a sheet and this giant glass door that goes to some cabinet fell out and directly across my foot just before my toes. It’s all black and blue and gross and swollen and really god damn painful. My doctor gave me a referral for an x-ray because she’s pretty sure it’s borked. There however was an issue with our insurance. Kai called ahead to see what the co-pay would be etc.

So they had to call our insurance and the insurance office was closed so they called Thursday and then called me. But I wasn’t able to drive and neither was my mom so I didn’t get to go, nor Friday. So I planned on going Monday because they’re closed for the weekend then I remembered it was a holiday. Poop. Let me tell you it mother effing hurts. :( It feels like it did when I broke my thumb and leg. My doctor gave me a wrap for it so Kai has been wrapping it for me, but the bruise is getting bigger and grosser, and it’s hurting more and more. It hurts all the way up to my knee now. Keep in mind while at the doctor she gave me flexeril and vicodin on top of the gabapentin I’m on. So I’m pretty pain free…. except in my freaking foot. *sigh* Kai found the entire thing hilarious. Also I know you all love visuals so looky at my bruised foot!

He was laughing while I was crying in the hallway. It’s just one more thing to add to the amazing and strange ways I end up hurting myself. So yeah. I’m pretty positive I have at least a hairline fracture in one of the bones the stupid glass fell across, cause it sure as hell feels like it. Hopefully I shall find out Tuesday, and until then I’ll just stay zombie-like with my meds.

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  • Lips = WIN!

    I’m sorry! I SO would NOT have laughed!!! *hugs*

  • Ouch! That looks so bad. I hope it heals fast!

  • Oh hon!! *HUGZ* That makes my foot hurt in sympathy! I also broke my left foot–fell off a curb. Hey, it was dark. But smacked the top of my foot, cracking bones (which meant a cast) and broke the inside of my ankle (yes, only me) that remained broked and untreated for 5 months until a CT scan detected it.

    Feel better darlin! TG for vicodin!

  • Owowowow. My daughter and a heavy wrought iron chair fell across my foot and broke my toe two weeks before we were supposed to go to Disney World. Perfect timing. I taped the shit out of it and went anyway, but ow. Are you going to get X-ray’d tomorrow?

  • Sweet monkey Jesus!! That foot looks like hell! :(

  • O NO!!!!!!!! Im sorry hun that looks hella painful >_< Hoping they give you those meds soon so you wont be wincing much longer :) Hugs to feel better jeje i love the name kiss my kitty by the way &LT;3

  • God, Shoemanda. This makes me wince just looking at it. :|

  • Ouch! I’m sorry about your foot, it looks really painful X.X

  • MissMidnightBlue

    Oh by the way I voted for Kiss my Kitty. :)

  • MissMidnightBlue

    OMG!!! that must HUUURRRRRRRRRRRT like HELL! I hope you get it checked out soon.

  • Jesus Effing Christ! Manda! That looks awful :WOW: I really hope it heals up fast! Also, I voted for Kiss My Kitty. Sending ((((((hugs)))))