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So uh this post is several months overdue, I kept forgetting about the draft. Oops. Anyways. This was my first order from One Hand Washes the Other(OHWTO). I ordered a sample of the Black Magic Soap which everyone has been raving about and three solid scents; Coven, Pink Lady and Frankincense & Mirth. I have to be honest here I ordered the soap knowing damn well it has glycerin in it, but wanted to try anyways. Unfortunately after the third use my face broke out in a rash and horrible hives. Poop stick. Fortunately Becca being the awesomely awesome person that she is made a glycerin free Black Magic Soap which I happened to get in the mail today and will be posting about later!

Onto the scents. I loved Pink Lady, liked Frankincense & Mirth and didn’t really like Coven. Coven smelled too much like sweet baked goods to me, while that’s not a bad scent, it’s not a scent I like all that much. My mom however loved the scent! Becca really goes the extra mile when it comes to packaging. You can tell she really cares about her customers and loves what she is doing. My solid scents came in a nice little organza bag, and the sample soap was wrapped up and inside a plastic baggie. Then there is the awesome little wax sealed envelope. I can’t tell you how much I LOVE that she uses wax seals on them. It makes me smile every time I think about it. On the front of the envelope is a neat little stamp.

I had to open the envelope very carefully because I didn’t want to destroy the awesome was seal(seriously I need some of these I want to send people stuff sealed with a wax stamp!). Inside was a couple of sample pods, a business card and my invoice with a hand written note. See? Freaking awesome! I can say there are a handful of companies who really put effort into their packaging like this, and Becca is one of the best. It’s not required but it’s so refreshing to see and it definitely puts a smile on your face! :d

Anyways onto the pictures! While I am sad the Black Magic Soap didn’t work, I kind of figured it wouldn’t, but am super happy that Becca took the initiative to make a soap formula that I can use! *gives giant squishie hugs to Becca*

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  • Manda!

    I just wanted to let you know that I really HATE Coven right out of the tube or even for the first min its on me. However, Once the smell mellows out a bit. That “baked” smell goes away and it smells like the most amazing cauldron smoke ever! :d I actually enjoy it so much I posted about it in my 10 favorite beauty products! It AMAZES me how different it smells after just a short while on the skin. :HBEAT: Love OHWTO! and *hugs* for you! ^.^

  • Becca has the most fabulous care when it comes to packaging her products. I think it’s incredible she formulated a glyncerin-free soap for you, as well! <3

  • I’m waiting my order to arrive and I’m totally anxious!

  • I was sooooo impressed by my order and am already going to place a second order. I can’t wait to hear how the glycerin free soap works for you. Black Magic is my HG soap now, it’s so freakin’ amazing!

  • I always open my little envelope from the bottom, to leave the wax intact. And OMG you got Mercantile. I’ve been wanting to sniff that. Is it as good as the description sounds?

    • It smells pretty darn good and yes. :d