The Secret Circle

I am officially sucked in. I was hooked before 10 minutes of the show had passed. I’m a sucker for witches. What can I say? I can’t wait for next Thursday to arrive. THE SUSPENSE! I am now going to bed. Goodnight. Also *squee*

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  • The pilot was extremely promising! Britt Robertson was horrible on Life, Unexpected but this seems like a role she’s much better suited for.

  • I wish I had a TV so I could watch all the shows people talk about .__.

  • AHHHH so good to hear! I have it on DVR for this weekend (what did I EVER DO before getting a DVR? ZOMG….and I’ve only had one for about a year LOL).

    I just happened to catch a promo for it last week and as a forever Buffy fan, it looked awesome!

    Ahhh it may not seem like fall in FL, but how I do loves me some FALL TV!

    Glad you enjoyed it :) My “to watch” list is now crazy again lol.