Swatches: Detrivore Cosmetics Lobotomy, Weaponry, Scar, Amazon, Heathen, Death Valley, Kraken & Dormant

Let me first say I did not purchase these samples, they were given to me by a couple of friends. :d With that being said. If you haven’t tried Detrivore Cosmetics, you really need to. By the way if you’re wondering what detrivore means, here is a little snippet from Wikipedia:

Detritivores, also known as detritophages or detritus feeders or detritus eaters or saprophages, are heterotrophs that obtain nutrients by consuming detritus (decomposing organic matter).[1] By doing so, they contribute to decomposition and the nutrient cycles. They should be distinguished from other decomposers, such as many species of bacteria, fungi and protists, unable to ingest discrete lumps of matter, instead live by absorbing and metabolising on a molecular scale. However, the terms detritivore and decomposer are often used interchangeably.

I’m not sure why but Detrivore doesn’t get a whole lotta love. Let’s remedy that! Disorria has some seriously beautiful, rich colors. I received Lobotomy, Weaponry, Scar, Amazon, Heathen, Death Valley, Kraken and Dormant.

Out of the samples I was given I have to say I love Kraken. It’s my favourite. I thought it would be Death Valley since I may have a huge love of pink, however Kraken won my heart, or I guess eyeballs over. It’s a beatiful color and I love the name. I also really like Scar and Dormant. I’m not unhappy with any of the colors, they’re all beautiful. I like that the samples are labeled with their # and which group of shadows they are in. Distorria has it set up by collection and all shadows are in order according to their number. I like this.

She also offers other products such as blush, primer, and multipurpose face powders! I’m glad I was sent samples of Distorria’s shadows. They’re beautiful and I plan on purchasing some full sizes of the samples I received and some more samples. :d These are all indoor swatches. I plan on adding swatches later of these colors either in the sun or under a daylight bulb. But for now onto the pretty colors!

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  • Thank you! :d


  • the shades are beautiful! agree with dana, the site should ask bloggers for swatch photos.

    • I’ll let her know. :d

  • Cyndy

    The shades are beautiful. I want those, surely!

    • :d They are very pretty.

  • I love your swatches Manda they’re always fab !

  • I recently got a massive order from Detrivore and I really liked what I got! Kraken was a favourite of mine too. :)

  • Ooh! Lovely swatches! I <3 my Detrivore colors. I wear Lobotomy almost every day on the browbone and her blushes! You must try them!

    • I’m bad with blushes. :( I tend to wear one I really like a lot and forget about the rest.

  • Beautiful colours :) I don’t know why Detrivore doesn’t get talked about more. Their primer is great too!

    • I haven’t tried her primer. It has glycerin in it. :( But her shadows are pretty and really nice.

  • Dana

    Lovely shades. I was on her website and I really think she should ask bloggers for swatch photos. You really can’t see how beautiful the colors are just by the pictures she has up. Kraken is my favorite too. That would be me if a turned into a color. :HBEAT:

    • I’ll let her know. :) Kraken is beautiful and I want a full size jar of it!

  • you do such beautiful swatches :d

  • I have a question for you. For someone who has only purchased makeup at brick and mortar stores (so the options were limited) what online merchant would you recommend for someone who is looking for mineral eyeshadow in purple and greens?

    • Dana

      To the right she has some links to different mineral companies. She must trust them all if she is willing to put up their links on her site. Check out her swatches for the colors you want then just go to that store. Hope that helped and doesn’t sound like I’m being rude.

    • Yarp! On my sidebar you can click on places I shop and the banners below that are shops I love. :d