Swatches: My Pretty Zombie Zombify Kit

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So Andrea the awesome zombie loving owner of My Pretty Zombie has come up with a zombie kit for Hallow’s Eve. I present to you Zombify! Below you can see my poor attempt to make my face all zombie like. :shifty: I had fun at least and my husband thought I had a real bloody nose. xd The kit comes with the following matte shades: Coffin Critters, Varicose, Epistaxis, Old Bruise and New Bruise. These come in sample jars and you also have the opportunity to choose any shadow of your choice in a sample jar. It also comes with a full size jar of Andrea’s new gray foundation Zombify. And last but not least you’ll be receiving a lipstick in Rabid Weasel! Andrea teamed up with Geek Chic Cosmetics to make the first ever MPZ lipstick. :d I like it. I think it looks neat and it’s not too funky to wear out in public for those who are worried about crazy colors. Also it comes in a really cut cauldron. Andrea was awesome enough to sent me a set to give away so look for that later. :d Swatch time! Also swatches are over bare skin. To get your own awesome Zombify kit you can find it here.

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press sample

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  • Ok, great job because that is just f-ing scary!! LOL

  • I am really loving this collection and I think the lipstick looks really cool!

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  • The blood looks really awesome! I wouldn’t mind buying that lipstick and trying to incorporate it into my everyday makeup :)

  • lunableu

    You make an awesome zombie girl! I can practically hear you saying ‘Must eat braaaaaaains’ :YUM:

  • That’s…amazing, actually. That’s some amazingly realistically-coloured blood. o_____O

  • MissMidnightBlue

    WOW!!! You did an awesome job on this! I love it! It really does look like a bloody nose.