Swatches: My Pretty Zombie MDMA Blush

press sample

So now that Andrea from My Pretty Zombie has her new awesome drug blushes up I shall show you how pretty MDMA is. Seriously. It’s breathtaking. She made it prettier than I ever imagined, also I’m super happy she finally made duochrome blushes. :d Her shadows are amazing so I had no doubt her blushes would be as well! So now onto my beloved MDMA blush. It’s very sheer and very buildable which I really like. I can use it for just a touch of shimmer or build it up for a pretty bold cheek. I cannot wait to try the other blushes. :d Okay photos!

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  • Amber


  • Andrea

    is different but I like it anyway ^.~

  • Cacau

    Gorgeous! Gosh, I’m addicted to blush X.X

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  • Oh, yeah. I need this. (Okay, maybe need is not the most precise word. Forget cookies, WANT THIS BLUSH!! #mmumonster)

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  • AW YEAHHHHHH!!!! I just bought all of them, lol! MPZ is the best.

  • OMG that is without a doubt one of the most beautiful blushes I’ve ever seen! Thank you for letting me know about it, I’m definitely gonna get it now :LOVE:

  • I completely just bought this.

  • WOW it looks amazing! I also love the look of THC and LSD *pines*

  • :LOVE: Wooow, gorgeous! <3

    • It makes me think of a sunset. xd

  • Soo

    omggg that color looks so pretty! I am really partial to duochromes. will you be reviewing other blushes?

    • I’m hoping in the near future I’ll be getting my hands on the rest to swatch. :d

  • Rebecca

    Oh wow! That is gorgeous. The duochrome is amazing! :HK:

    • I think it may be my signature blush for the rest of my life.

  • I’d wear it as a blush. I’d wear it as an eyeshadow. I’d wear it as anything, really. Gosh, is that gorgeous…

    • It’s lip safe and eye safe. I think tomorrow just for fun I’m going to use this as my eye, lip and cheek color and post it.