Swatches: My Pretty Zombie Drugs Like Me Blush 6-MAM, THC, PCP & LSD

press sample

Soooo. Andrea from My Pretty Zombie sent me a lovely little package filled with organ gummies(these things are delicious) an eyeball pen and notepad and 6-MAM, THC, PCP and LSD. YES! MOAR BLUSH! Ahem. After Fumiko stole all of the gummie organs(I only got a bite of one before she snatched it from my hands!) and the eyeball notepad I decided to swatch these, only to realize my camera battery was dead. NOOOO! So I had to charge said battery. I swatched them that night. Seriously these are gorgeous. MDMA is still my favorite but these are SO pretty. You can see swatches of MDMA here. I guess I’ll let you see swatches now. xd I should mention that these come heat seal wrapped and have sifter seals. Also these were swatched over bare skin. Oh you can buy these separately or you can get all 5 as a set for $32. They are $8 each, and of course you can buy a sample pack for $5. :d I must also add these are so much more amazing in person. The photos don’t do them justice.

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  • LSD is so beautiful! I wonder if it’d look good on me. *needs to order a sample pack*

  • I have been looking for crazy cool blushes like these! Definitely going to look – I need PCP, for sure. And LSD. And 6-MAM. Hahaha.

  • GAH!!! WHY DID I LOOK? Now I NEED THC AND LSD!! (In addition to MDMA.) I’m such a MPZ junkie!!! LOL. :BATH:

  • GAH. Need 6-MAM and LSD!
    …and I need those blushes as well too, lmao!

  • Like MDMA, I’d wear them all as eyeshadow, blush, lip color…gahhh they’re gorgeous.
    Quit making me want to spend money that I don’t have.

  • I NEED ONE OF EVERYTHING. …I think I can justify that, considering I’m really not a blush hoarder. …yet.

  • I just ordered all five the other day. I’m excited to try these out. I’ve never really used colors like 6 MAM and LSD before so it should be fun to experiment with.